Give Your House Guests an Incredible First Impression

The entrance to a home plays an important role in creating an incredible first impression. A nicely furnished entryway signals to your guests that your home is comfortable, well-kept, and inviting. The following are ways to enhance your front entry and make that first impression count.

Add Personality to Your Entryway

Splurge on stunning features, such as colorful step tiles and a lovely front door. It doesn’t take much to create a polished look to your entryway, which can also add curb appeal to impress potential buyers in the future. 

Keep the View of Your Entryway Clear

To make an incredible first impression, your home entrance should be clear and visible. Cut back any plants spilling over and blocking walkways or are hindering the view of your front door. Potted flowers and plants are easy to maintain and can be arranged on stairs or outside the front entry for added appeal.

Punch it Up with Color

Bright, bold paint on your front door that contrasts nicely with your trim and siding is an excellent way to perk up a tired entryway. Choose a door color that compliments the exterior color and adds a splash of personality to your home.

Create a Custom Walkway

Lead guests from the street or driveway to your front door with a well-maintained, clearly marked path, wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side. Choose bricks or walkway materials that compliment the exterior of your home. Use shrubs, mats, benches, potted plants, etc., to add interest to your walkway.

Add Excitement with Elegant Details

High quality metal doors can remain beautiful for a lifetime and require minimal maintenance. Details such as an ironwork front door, custom ceiling features, or a unique chandelier can add elegance and excitement to your entryway. 

Use Repeating Elements

Repeating elements create a cohesive appearance and connect your entryway with your home’s exterior. A repeating architectural element is a prominent design element echoed in similar shapes in other features.

Add Windows

Full-length windows on either side of your front door can open up your entryway. They make your entry appear larger, add to the home’s architectural style, and let in natural light.

Light Up Your Entrance

Good lighting improves safety and enhances your home’s entryway. Use motion-sensor lights near the front door, and solar-powered lights along the pathways and to light the foliage or other yard features.

Place Furniture Near the Entrance

Weather-resistant furniture placed near the entry to your home creates a sense of warmth and comfort. For example, a bistro set on the front porch adds appeal and also provides a spot to relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and watch the world go by.

Upgrade the Architectural Details

Add details in your entryway that match your home’s architectural style. Examples of details include molding, brackets, columns, and trim. If the entrance to your home has interesting architectural details, a fresh coat of paint or stain adds interest. 

To keep your entryway and walkways spotless, our professional team at COIT can provide a thorough cleaning that will help to make the most of your home’s features, and create the right impression on your guests as they arrive.