How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

You carefully laid down newspapers or a towel.  But then the unthinkable happens; the nail polish spills on the carpet!  Whether it was the dog’s fault or shear bad luck, you have a problem.  As beautiful as Mango Tango looks on your toes, it is not so charming on your carpet! Nail polish can be tricky to get out.  You might think that nail polish remover would be the answer, but nail polish remover can stain or bleach your carpet.  Proceed with caution and like all stain-fighting remedies, be sure to test on an inconspicuous are before using it to treat the stain. Here are PRO tips on how to get nail polish out of carpet 

  1. To Start: Blot up as much of the nail polish as you can with paper towels, but do not rub the spot.  Just blot gently.
  2. Option 1- Dry cleaning solvent.  While dry cleaning solvent is not something that you might regularly stock in your home, it can be a life saver when you spill nail polish on the carpet.  Use a very small amount of dry cleaning solvent and blot the stain with a clean cloth.  When the stain is gone, blot the solvent area with a wet rag repeatedly to get rid of the dry cleaning solvent.  We cannot emphasize this enough- use as little solvent as possible.  It will work better and you’ll need to remove less of the solvent.
  3. Option 2- If you do not have dry cleaning solvent, try spraying the nail polish with hair spray and rubbing alcohol.  First spray about 10 sprays of alcohol and then follow with 5 splashes of rubbing alcohol. Use a small scrub brush or old toothbrush to scrub the stain.  Then blot the stain with a clean cloth dipped in cool water until the stain is gone. Hair spray also works well for getting nail polish off wood floors.

Nail polish is a difficult stain to fight yourself.  When it doubt, call the professionals.  Need more stain fighting tips?  Vist the COIT Stain Center for all your household mishaps.