How Are Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions Different?

A common question we are asked is to explain the difference between a green carpet cleaning solution and one that is a chemical cleaning solution. We hope to tackle all the pros and cons of both these cleaning products. Both are effective in what they do, but we do notice that natural cleaning products have a less negative impact on your home, your health, and the environment as a whole.

Pros of Chemical Cleaning Solutions

  • Easy to use – chemical cleaning solutions offer easy to use instruction labels that anyone can read and use without a problem.
  • Immediate or fast results – these cleaners deliver the results you want and will do a good job in removing the specific stain that it is applied to.
  • The price of chemical cleaners is relatively cheaper compared to non-chemical cleaning solutions. 

Cons of Chemical Cleaning Solutions

  • Residual smell of chemicals that looms after cleaning, a problem with chemical cleaners is they tend to smell like chemicals. This tends to be an awful smell, and you will have to deal with it till it goes away, or spray an air freshener to lighten the smell.
  • Exposure to these toxic chemicals can lead to adverse health effects like respiratory problems and allergies.
  • Limited in usage, chemical cleaners are normally designed to tackle a specific stain, and will only be optimal in removing the stain listed on the label.
  • Chemical cleaners are also very harmful to the environment, and they can harm the air we breathe and the water we drink if they were to be exposed to such chemicals.

Pros of a Green Cleaning Solution

  • Easy to make – Green cleaning solutions are homemade and they are usually mixed with ingredients like vinegar, water, and personal preference of essential oils
  • The residues from using green cleaning solutions are never harmful because the ingredients are all natural which is proven to not be harmful to you or the environment.
  • You create an all-purpose cleaner – natural cleaning solutions can be applied to any stain in your home.

Cons of Green Cleaning Solutions

  • Longer cleaning times – because the chemical cleaners use harsh materials in their formula they are able to clean your stains much faster
  • Like many chemical cleaning products, some natural cleaning products are known to cause allergic reactions in the skin
  • When following recipes from any source, it is important to follow the ingredients exactly as they are, and misappropriation of measurements can create an ineffective cleaning solution or create an unwanted gas.
  • Green cleaning products are more expensive than chemical cleaners.

For specific remedies of green cleaning solutions using essential oils check out an earlier COIT blog post here: Homemade Carpet Deodorizers Using Essential Oils

COIT understands the usage of these solutions. When we come to your home, we deliver a cleaning service that is catered to your needs. If you do not want harmful chemicals to be used when cleaning your home, then we will find a way to accommodate your needs using a different cleaning method. At COIT, we are dedicated to delivering the best solution for your carpet and your home.