Cleaning Tips For Humid Weather

7 Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer is a fun time for the whole family and here at COIT we understand how your home can drastically change during the summer months. The weather is warm, the kids are on summer vacation, and everyone begins to break a sweat. Summer comes with a string of new messes, but on the Brightside, COIT is happy to offer cleaning tips for you this summer!

1. Using Lemon Juices as a Natural Household Cleaner

When we think of summer, it can’t be helped that we start thinking of a nice cold glass of lemonade to counteract the hot weather. If you have lemons in your home, maybe using it for cooking or making said lemonade, then you have a natural ingredient for a household cleaner.

Lemons are a wonderful and convenient cleaning agent because they offer an added benefit of being a deodorizer. 

Use lemon juices for:

  • Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Chrome
  • Cleaning bacteria
  • Removing odors from plastic, garbage disposals
  • Barbeque grills
  • Countertops, Drains, Windows, Mirror 

2. Remove Water Rings with Fatty Mayonnaise

Have leftover lemons from cleaning to make a fresh glass lemonade? Water rings are a common problem in the home and stain our tabletops. Did you know that mayonnaise is a great solution to removing these water rings caused by your drink glasses? 

How to remove water rings:

  • Locate water ring
  • Apply a mayonnaise to water ring and let it sit for an hour
  • Proceed to wipe the water ring off the table

3. Keep Your Swimwear Fresh With a Quick Rinse

Summer is the time for beaches and pools, but they also pose a problem with chlorine, salt water, sunscreen, and other various oils. So, a good tip to remember after any activities related to swimwear is to give it a quick rinse of water before throwing it in your washing machines.

Why do we need to do this? Some sunscreens do not mix well chemically with cleaning detergents. The after effects of cleaning detergents and leftover sunscreen can cause staining on your swimwear.

4. Air Out The Washing Machine

More summer activities mean a constant change of clothes, and that means an increased use of our home’s washing machines. With increased usage, we may encounter mold or mildew creating a smelly washing machine. Heavy usage and quick reaction to close the washing machine will reduce air circulation and make your washing machine retain too much moisture inside.

What to do? Run an empty load with detergent and hot water. After the dry run, leave the door open to allow the washing machine to dry properly and allow air circulation.

5. Vinegar is Also A Natural Cleaning Agent

Apply vinegar to your paper towels and start wiping some messes down. Vinegar disinfects areas it is used on; this is a great solution because you won’t have to worry about chemical cleaning agents unknowingly irritating your skin or your children’s skin upon contact.

6. Clean Patio Furniture

Summer means outdoor activities like a July 4th Barbecue or simply just enjoying the sun from the comfort of your home. The point is your patio furniture sees the most usage during the summer, and that means it will need a lot of cleaning attention.

  • Rinse off metal or rust if they appear on your patio furniture
  • Wipe furniture with a natural cleaning agent to prevent pollen build up

7. Use Your Air Conditioner to Keep Humidity Levels Low

Keep the windows closed and the air conditioning on this will maintain the house cool, and make the humidity low, which in turn slows down the growth of mold and mildew. Low humidity also prevents allergens to be born. Another way to cut down on airborne allergens is to vacuum and clean out vents around the house