If you’re a resident of Tacoma, Washington and you’re looking for a professional cleaning company that offers a wide range of services, consider exploring what COIT has to offer. Our team of professionally trained technicians can dig right into the following deep cleaning treatments – and each comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results.

  • Is your carpet in desperate need of a professional deep clean? COIT Carpet Cleaning Tacoma uses a truck-mounted cleaning system to not only remove surface stains, but also dig deep into your carpet’s fibers to get rid of hidden dirt, dust and contaminants that negatively affect the air you breathe.
  • Not sure if the air you’re breathing in your home is clean, fresh and free of dust and allergens? COIT Air Duct Cleaning Tacoma will thoroughly inspect your air ducts; we’ll then use powerful equipment to extract anything that adversely affects your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  • Do your area rugs look like they’ve seen better days? COIT Area Rug Cleaning Tacoma will treat all kinds of rugs to remove dirt and stains, with the option to provide re-fringing and re-padding services if necessary. 
  • Are your home’s window coverings full of dirt, dust, odor and stains? COIT Drapery and Blind Cleaning Tacoma will treat drapery, blinds, shutters, valences, roller shades, convertible shades and more using a proven deep cleaning process we invented and have used for decades.
  • Tired of endlessly scrubbing dirty tile and grout that just won’t seem to stay clean? COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Tacoma will blast away the toughest grease and grime build-up from tile and grout lines to completely rejuvenate your countertops, bathrooms and patios. 
  • Do your sofa and chairs show stains that household cleaners can’t seem to remove? COIT Upholstery Cleaning Tacoma utilizes the industry’s best and most powerful cleaning technology to dig deep into your upholstery; what you’re left with is furniture that not only looks and feels clean, but also promotes better health in your home on a daily basis.
  • Longing for the days when your granite and stone surfaces sparkled and shined like new? COIT Natural Stone Cleaning Tacoma will treat your home’s stone to a five-step cleaning process using specially designed equipment that removes dirt, dust, oil and scratches, while restoring health and shine.  
  • Do your wood floors look like they could use some professional attention to bring them back to life?  COIT Wood Floor Cleaning Tacoma will remove debris, scrub, hand clean, scrub again and apply a top coat to your floors using top-of-the-line cleaning equipment that digs deep into floor boards.
  • Who do you turn to if emergency flooding happens in your home and you need immediate help handling water damage? COIT Water Damage Restoration Tacoma is available to help you 24/7; we’ll arrive with emergency drying equipment that gets rid of standing water, while also treating floors, walls and ceilings to prevent as much secondary damage as possible. 
  • Need a team of experts to help you recover following a destructive in-home fire? COIT Fire Damage Restoration Tacoma provides the intensive support you need following a fire, with cleaning and ozone treatment for smoke odor, furniture refinishing, structural cleaning, non-destructive restoration services and more.
  • Not sure if your home is contaminated with dangerous mold? COIT Mold Remediation Tacoma will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if mold is present; if it is, we’ll seal off the mold, control the humidity, remove the mold and clean and seal the furnace and duct system to ensure your home is safe and healthy. 

If any of the above mentioned services could benefit your home, don’t hesitate to give COIT Tacoma a call today at 253-627-6159. Our experienced team is ready to take action!

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