Wish your wood floors had the original shine from when you first installed them? If so, the team at COIT wood floor cleaning Reno can help.

We specialize in cleaning wood floors so you don’t have to. Before we begin any work, we’ll inspect your wood floors to assess their current condition. We’ll then design a custom cleaning plan, followed by a written estimate of how much it will cost.

Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll begin work using powerful, commercial-grade equipment, along with a 5-step cleaning process that’s proven to be effective in reviving and restoring all kinds of wood floors:

  • Remove debris – we’ll start by getting rid of any surface dirt. 
  • Scrub – using powerful equipment, we’ll then deeply scrub your wood floors.
  • Detailed hand cleaning – we’ll treat tough-to-reach corner and edges through hand-cleaning.
  • Additional scrub – we’ll perform a second scrub to remove any remaining dirt.
  • Top coat application – we’ll finish our treatment by applying a shiny top-coat.

The cylindrical motion of the equipment helps scrub your floors with much more power than any household steam mop can offer. We’ll get rid of dust, dirt and oil that’s not only on the surface of your wood floors, but also deep within the floor boards. This will not only improve the appearance; it will also make your house a healthier, cleaner place to live.

Reasons to Work with COIT

  • After just one deep cleaning, your wood floors will appear cleaner and newer than they did prior to our treatment.
  • Through our 5-step cleaning process, we’ll eliminate dirt and restore shine.
  • Our technicians will let you choose between a satin or high-gloss finish, depending on your personal preference.
  • By investing in periodic professional cleanings, your wood floors will last longer – a much cheaper alternative to replacing them, right?

Why Trust Your Home with COIT Wood Floor Care?

COIT has been conducting these periodic professional cleanings for over 64 years, improving the condition of customers’ floors around the world. As one of the most trusted cleaning companies on the planet, COIT prides itself on offering every single one of our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So how do we put this guarantee into practice when we’re working in your home? By staying true to these 4 promises with every service:

  • Re-cleaning – we’ll happily re-clean your wood floors immediately if they’re not as clean as you expected.
  • Refund – if you aren’t happy with the second round of cleaning, we’ll refund your money.
  • Repair – should we accidentally damage any item in your home while cleaning your wood floors, we’ll pay for the cost to repair that item.
  • Rectify – if the item is not repairable, we’ll give you a cash credit that’s equal to the value of the item so you can replace it.

Is it about time to really clean and polish up those wood floors? Call the team at COIT Reno to set up a free inspection today.

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