As important as it is to restore water-logged floors or soot-stained walls after water or fire damage, Superior Cleaning & Restoration knows that you’re also worried about your cherished valuables and other possessions. Our content cleaning and restoration methods ensure that Superior can help restore your possession. 

Our content restoration process involves:

  1. Taking an inventory of your belongings and valuable possessions 
  2. Carefully packing and protecting your items 
  3. Transferring everything packed to our secure facility to be cleaned.

At Superior we put peoples lives back together - as quickly and compassionately as possible. 

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State-of-the-Art Contents Management System 

Our Superior content management system can:

  • Increase Client Satisfaction 
  • Reduce Claims-Handling Cost
  • Productivity increase with QR code Systems 
  • Digital Forms 
  • Non Salvage Valuation using XactContents 
  • Electronic Photo Inventory 
  • Tracking Systems Chain of Custody 
  • Open Collaboration with Customers and Adjusters 
  • Complete Transparency using a Web Portal 

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  • Superior Cleaning Environmental Restoration Services
    Restoration Processes

    We clean items using several different content cleaning and restoration processes, each specific to the material at hand. Here are some items we can clean, among others*:

    • Laundry and other dry-cleaning
    • Wood furniture
    • Upholstered furniture
    • Kitchenware
    • Plastics such as containers and toys 
    • Area rugs and carpets
    • Art and antiques
    • Business equipment
    • Electronics
    • Documents

    For ordinary household items such as kitchenware and plastics we use a careful, multi-step process that begins with a pre-washing. Next, items are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleansing bath, rinsed with deionized water, and dried.

    In regards to fire damage after structural drying, Superior Cleaning will mostly perform cleaning, decontamination and odor removal.

    Delicate or sensitive items receive careful handwashing, while special items like documents, electronics, and business equipment receive designated content restoration treatments. Hard furniture is hand-cleaned and treated. Soft furniture undergoes water extraction, followed by appropriate hand-cleaning methods. Items that have undergone smoke damage may also require decontamination procedures.

    *Services may vary. Your Restoration team will conduct an inventory and develop a restoration plan specific to you. 

  • Trusted Superior Restoration Specialist
    • Restoration Service Specialists are drug tested and criminal background check is completed 
    • Receive COIT internal certifications 
    • IICRC Restoration Certification 
    • Minimum of 2 years experience 
    • Hands on restoration experience
    • Specialized tools and equipment
    • Complete Industry backed training 
    • OSHA Safety Training 
  • Business Equipment Restoration

    As a business that owns and utilizes specialized equipment itself, Superior knows how vital and expensive such equipment can be. Everything slows to a stop without that critical equipment. From computers to copiers to industry-specific machines, our business equipment restoration process is applicable to almost all kinds of equipment.

    The Business Equipment Restoration Process

    For smoke-damaged equipment, we will begin by cleaning the outsides of the equipment using a HEPA vacuum and damp wiping. HEPA vacuums utilize high-efficiency filters which can remove even tiny particles of soot, dirt, and other contaminants. Be aware that, if the plastic is discolored, we cannot typically restore it to its original color. 

    The inside of the equipment is then cleaned as much as possible using the HEPA vacuum and careful damp wiping. In the case of lingering odors, the equipment is placed in a hydroxyl chamber to remove odors. Hydroxyl is a naturally occurring compound in the Earth’s atmosphere which oxidizes organic molecules to neutralize odors.

    Lastly, in the case of computer restoration, we have a computer or copier expert check the safety and functionality of the equipment.

  • Electronic Restoration

    After fire, smoke damage, electronic restoration is vital to getting your life up and running. Our electronic restoration experts can relieve your electronics of stains, particulates, and odors that impede their functionality, getting your home or business back on the road to recovery.


    We first complete a photo inventory of affected electronics to ensure that they are continuously accounted for at every step of the process.

    Pre-Cleaning and Pack-Out

    Our technicians perform a quick clean of the exterior of electronics to remove odor and loose contaminants. We then pack them carefully into boxes or custom packing to be transported offsite for cleaning and storage.

    Electronic Restoration

    Specialists then open up electronic casing to expose and remove sensitive components before pressure cleaning the insides using deionized water. The items are then dried in a chamber at 135 degrees for 12+ hours.  Electronics are then re-assembled and placed in secure storage with video surveillance.

  • Document Restoration

    As delicate as they are, documents can be extraordinarily important. There are official documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, leases, and insurance documentation. But there are also the emotionally rich archives like letters, cards, drawings, and photos. After a major event like a fire or flood, you deserve a document restoration and preservation service that can recover your papers and mitigate damage as much as possible.

    Superior's document restoration services offer the most effective techniques in document drying and restoration. We first perform an inventory of the documents to ensure that all items are properly tracked and retained through the document restoration process. Documents are then packed and moved to our secure facility 

    Document Drying for Water Damage

    When water damage happens, wet documents are packed and moved to a secure facility, where they are flash frozen. The flash freezing process stops paper degradation, ink degradation, and mold growth, so that no further damage takes place. Then, documents are transported to a freeze dryer.  This process involves applying intense vacuum pressure to sublimate the ice to vapor (skipping over the damaging liquid phase).

    Document Restoration for Smoke Damage

    When fire damage happens, smoke-damaged documents are cleaned using a HEPA vacuum and chem sponge. The documents are then spread on drying racks in a hydroxyl room for up to three days to remove smoke odors. Hydroxyl is a safe, effective compound that occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere and can remove soot, grease, odors, and other contaminants from objects and air. After deodorization, documents are repacked in new boxes and delivered back to you.

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Our priority is to restore your home, business, or property to their pre-loss condition — to your complete satisfaction. That’s why we back our disaster restoration services with the industry’s best guarantee

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE - If you're not completely happy with our emergency services, we will:

RE-SERVICE the scope areas to your satisfaction

RETURN TO PRE-LOSS CONDITION: If we fail to meet the scope as estimated, we will credit you with the items present actual cash value* toward a like replacement from a Superior Cleaning source (upon complete payment of services rendered including the deductible).

REPAIR any damage caused by Superior Cleaning that is outside the requirements of executing the scope
*As determined by customer industry standards

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Our Promise 

Our guarantee is our word. During times of stress and emergency, Superior Cleaning promises that we will re-service, return to pre-loss condition or repair any damage caused by Superior. That's the our commitment to you. 

Rapid Response

We are available 24/7 - to respond when you need us most. What’s more, our experienced team works thoroughly and quickly to get the job done right, minimize damage, and get you back to normal faster.


Our emergency restoration team is the industry's best - you can trust us in your home or business. We have the expertise to handle restoration jobs of any size: from a toilet overflow to a major water damage.  


Our restoration team makes sure you and your insurance adjuster are informed every step of the way with regular updates, and clear documentation. We are here answer any questions and address concerns.

Competitive & Fair

Our industry approved pricing ensures that during a time of emergency, that your pricing is competitive and fair.  We do what we say we will, and go out of our way to restore your valuable property and items.

Caring & Courteous

We know how difficult dealing with a disaster can be. Our customer service and restoration teams will always treat you, your home or business, and your belongings with the utmost respect and compassion.