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We know that water damage can throw your entire life off-balance, and Superior's Restoration team can help get your home or business back to normal. Our technicians are IICRC certified and follow the industry standards. 

When it comes to water damage:

  • The first hours are critical. That's why you can can call Superior 24/7.
  • The sooner a Restoration Specialist arrives to get the drying process started, the better. 
  • Waiting can increase the risk of lasting damage to your structure, as well as the risk of mold growth.
  • If water is coming from an inside source find the shut-off valve and turn it off immediately. As soon as that is done - Call Superior Cleaning for a Water Damage Restoration Specialist. 
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Ceiling Mold Cleaning & Removal Services - COIT

1. Immediate Inspection

After assessing the extent of the damage we utilize infrared cameras and moisture meters to detect hidden water in walls, floors and ceilings. We’ll then create a detailed drying plan to safely and quickly remove moisture. If necessary, we’ll inventory affected items and determine if they are salvageable or a loss. Inventoried items are packed-out for cleaning and storage until job completion.



2. Industrial Grade Drying

Technicians begin water extraction using powerful, truck-mounted equipment. If sewage is present, all affected areas are decontaminated. Specialized drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers and air movers, are used to speed the process. Drying is especially important, as it helps prevent mold growth which might cause further damage. Our team will carefully monitor progress and record moisture levels until Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) has been reached.

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3. Repairs, Sanitization, Deodorization

After complete drying we will determine if further structural repairs, sanitization or deodorization are necessary. Our technicians use specialized equipment and processes to eliminate odors. Your possessions may also be in need of specialized cleaning or repair. We offer document restoration, business equipment restoration and electronics restoration.


put back

4. Cleaning and Put Back

At this point, Superior technicians will begin the process of putting your life back together. All flooring will be cleaned or replaced. Our staff will return your stored items and replace them right where they’re meant to be. You’ll be involved each and every step of the way right up to the certificate of completion.

 *Superior Cleaning and Restoration is fully certified and use many of these tools. There are a few exceptions, but in those cases, industry-standard practices are employed.




  • Superior's Core Restoration Services - Water Damage

    Superior's Water Damage Restoration Services include:

    • Extraction and pump outs
    • Complete structural drying
    • Mold and sewage remediation
    • Desiccant dehumidification
    • Disinfection and odor control
    • Crawl space decontamination
    • Carpet cleaning & repair
    • Document drying and storage
    • Corrosion control
    • Personal property drying & storage
    • Repair work
    • Infrared Camera Certified
  • The Superior Restoration Specialist
    • IICRC certified personnel
    • WLI trained remediation technicians
    • NIDR smoke restoration technicians
    • Senior inspectors
    • IICRC instructors
    • Licensed contractor
    • AHERA Building Inspectors
    • Certified Thermographer
  • Superior's Core Environmental Restoration Services
    • Perform all work following IICRC S-520 Standards and EPA Guidelines for 
    • contain crawl space including openings to the building envelope, vents to the exterior and HVAC system
    • create negative air and HEPA filter exhaust to exterior
    • extract standing water
    • continue drying until target EMC is reached
    • HEPA vacuum all surfaces
    • wash all surfaces with detergent
    • HEPA sand all visible contamination
    • complete clean and seal of furnace and duct system
    • remove negative air and containment
    • photograph contaminated and surrounding areas prior to the start of cleaning and following completion
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Additional water damage services 

  • Water Extraction

    When you’re standing in ankle-deep water or your carpet is floating, you want de-flooding to begin as soon as possible. Superior's water extraction and de-flooding services are available to remove water quickly and safely so that you can get back to normal.

    Water Extraction

    We will begin by extracting water using our powerful, truck-mounted systems. In the case of deep standing water, we will place specialized pumps to remove water in bulk. High-powered, submersible pumps allow us to pump out water on a continuous basis.

    Carpet and Sub-Floor Drying

    If the carpet or padding has been affected, we may need to lift the carpet or padding to either be dried separately, or to be discarded.

    Then, if water has penetrated to the subfloor, we will continue water extraction there, and institute drying procedures for the subfloor using dehumidifiers and air movers. Then technicians will inspect your property for any additional structural damage.


    Even after the bulk of the water is extracted, your home or business may suffer from elevated humidity levels which can cause secondary water damage to contents and structures. Our technicians are experts in efficient dehumidification.

    Afterwards, in the event that your carpet is salvageable, we will clean and reinstall it.

  • Dehumidification

    After major water damage--whether from a leak, flooding, or putting out a fire--putting a dehumidification system in place is an essential step in getting your home back to normal. COIT’s technicians are IICRC-certified* in water damage restoration and understand the science of psychometry.

    Home humidity control after water damage is affected by the size of the flooding, time since the event, and the type of water. Our specialists take these things as well as the type of materials that need drying into account to craft a custom drying plan.

    Crafting a Drying Plan

    First, our dehumidification system specialists will determine the category and class of water damage. Then, they will determine the amount and type of dehumidification by calculating cubic footage of the space to be dried, using standard recommendations by IICRC S-520 (the industry standard for dehumidification).

    Structural dehumidification 

    Drying the structures of your property is particularly important. These include drywall, insulation, interior paint, cement floors, wood, plaster, crawl spaces, and basements.  Our restoration specialists will detect water hiding behind walls using infrared cameras and moisture meters. Then they will lower the moisture levels in these spaces using specialized drying equipment.

    Industrial Drying Equipment

    We will then set humidity control equipment based on industry standards. Commercial dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, while large air movers keep air circulating throughout the space. While the equipment is running, our techs will monitor the equipment, environment, and building materials daily until Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) has been reached.

    Drying time depends on factors like severity of flooding, time elapsed since the loss, and materials.


    After it is dry, your property will be inspected to ensure no additional structural damage took place. Any necessary repairs will take place at this time, before carpets are cleaned or reinstalled. Finally all readings will be documented, and the equipment will be removed.

    * Superior Cleaning is fully certified and use many of these tools, there are a few exceptions, but in those cases, industry-standard practices are employed.

  • Sewage Cleanup and Decontamination

    In the frustrating event of an intrusion, Superior offers swift and comprehensive sewage cleanup services. Our technicians have the expertise needed to mitigate damage and restore your home or business to normality. Sewage cleanup and decontamination has three major phases:

    Sewage Extraction

    Sewage decontamination begins by extracting standing water and sewage. This extracted water is considered grossly contaminated and will be safely discarded into a sanitary sewer system.  

    Contents Protection

    We will then remove the contents of the room or space to an unaffected area, being particularly careful not to cross-contaminate. If furniture, decor, or other contents have been damaged by the leak, our content restoration experts can pack out your items for cleaning and sanitizing at our facility.

    Any porous contents (carpet and upholstery, for instance) will need to be discarded. We can help you document these items for possible insurance evaluation.

    Cleaning and Decontamination

    Our technicians will then pressure clean all affected semi-porous and non-porous building materials, such as tile, wood, and cement. Then, they will apply bactericide in order to neutralize bacteria and other contaminants. Finally, technicians will force-dry the area using commercial structural drying equipment.

  • Crawl Space Decontamination
    Hazard and Damage Removal

    When decontaminating a crawl space or attic, we first check for any safety hazards, following OSHA and Superior Cleaning rules for confined space entry.  We then extract standing water using our truck-mounted extraction equipment.  If your insulation has been affected, we will remove the damaged insulation, bag it up, and safely dispose of it.  We will also check vapor barriers (a sheet or coating that prevents water vapor from permeating walls) and remove them if they have been damaged.  

    For Water Damage: Drying and Deodorization

    After cleaning any affected areas, industrial grade drying equipment will be set up to dry your structure. If you live in a colder climate, we may need to use supplemental heat to aid in drying. We may also need to apply negative pressure to prevent odors from escaping into your living space. Our techs will monitor and document the equipment and structural materials daily until Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) has been reached.

Backed by our Industry Leading Guarantee


Our priority is to restore your home, business, or property to their pre-loss condition — to your complete satisfaction. That’s why we back our disaster restoration services with the industry’s best guarantee

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE - If you're not completely happy with our emergency services, we will:

RE-SERVICE the scope areas to your satisfaction

RETURN TO PRE-LOSS CONDITION: If we fail to meet the scope as estimated, we will credit you with the items present actual cash value* toward a like replacement from a Superior Cleaning source (upon complete payment of services rendered including the deductible).

REPAIR any damage caused by Superior Cleaning that is outside the requirements of executing the scope
*As determined by customer industry standards