At home in Modesto, CA, you'll want to spend your free time outdoors, not indoors cleaning, right? Instead of spending hours scrubbing wood floors and polishing your granite, consider investing in professional cleaning treatments from COIT.

  • Are your carpets in pretty bad shape these days? Let the team at COIT Carpet Cleaning Modesto use a truck-mounted cleaning system to remove dirt and stains in high traffic areas.
  • Is the air you breathe in your home 100% clean? With COIT Air Duct Cleaning Modesto, feel confident that our inspection and custom treatment will remove allergens, dust and other debris to purify the air you breathe.
  • Do you area rugs need some special attention? COIT Area Rug Cleaning Modesto will treat all kinds of rugs, giving them custom treatments that match their dye and fibers.
  • Are your drapes and blinds looking a bit drab? With COIT Drapery & Blind Cleaning Modesto, enjoy free takedown and reinstallation, with deep cleaning to remove dust and odors.
  • Is your tile & grout too difficult to clean on your own? With COIT Tile & Grout Cleaning Modesto, we'll use a specialized solution to remove stubborn stains that mops can't handle.
  • Does your furniture look older and dustier than it should? With COIT Upholstery Cleaning Modesto, our trained technicians will treat old and new pieces with professional equipment.
  • Are your stone surfaces showing their age? With COIT Stone Cleaning Modesto, our specialized treatments will restore your granite's original shine.

Explore COIT's offerings in Modesto, CA to learn more about our specialized services for every area of your home.

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