HVAC technician in Modesto

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POSITION SUMMARY: At assigned customer locations perform heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) cleaning services as required. Maintain a high standard of customer service and additional sales performance. Complete daily paperwork. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: • Be a good ambassador/representative for COIT Services, Inc. • Provides prompt and professional service to all customers. This includes being polite, courteous and respectful. • Completes customer service schedules on time. Keeps internal personnel informed of daily schedule. • Demonstrates professional knowledge of all company products and services. • Determines customer requirements. • Access customer’s heating and air conditioning unit in appropriate manner. If necessary cut hole in plenum, wearing safety equipment. • Ability to manipulate the cleaning unit from the van rolling it into the customer’s home. • Wearing appropriate safety equipment, provides professional Air Duct cleaning services in customer’s home using company-provided equipment. Provided safety equipment might include goggles or safety glasses, dust mask, gloves, etc. Cleaning equipment would include the cleaning unit, the compressor unit, and high pressure lines. • Clean and replace registers. • If necessary, repair hole made in plenum. • Clean up any work areas, removing all debris and dust. • Follow all safety procedures including the contents of the safety bucket. • Ask customers for additional business and successfully sell add-on services and products (such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, draperies, etc.)

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