Weekly & Monthly Spring Cleaning Checklist

Read time: 4 mins

Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to get your spring cleaning routine under control. The tasks to keep your household clean and running smoothly can be overwhelming, but using a simple checklist to track weekly and monthly chores makes the process simple to manage. You can draw up a custom list based on the specific needs of your household, but feel free to use our guidelines as a starting point. Spring cleaning tasks can be manageable in no time!

Weekly Tasks

Every household is different, but we like to start with these items for a weekly cleaning checklist:

  • Vacuum the entire house. Dust and dirt build up surprisingly quickly, and a freshly vacuumed carpet doesn’t just look great, it’s also better for your health! Dust and pathogens thrive in dirty, dusty carpet, affecting the air you breathe; a consistent vacuuming schedule keeps the air fresher. For the most efficient vacuuming route, start on one end of the house and work your way across, always starting in the farthest corner of the room and vacuuming your way towards the room’s door.
  • Dust and remove cobwebs. Taking a few minutes to perform these tasks each week will help avoid dust buildup on your furniture and bookshelves, or the shock of finding that spiders have made a home in the upper corner of the bedroom! To keep your home fresher and free from allergens, use a duster or microfiber cloth to remove dust from flat surfaces, and remove any dust that has accumulated on the blades of ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Wipe off smooth surfaces. From mirrors and countertops to windows and coffee tables, smudges and spills build up over the course of a week. Grab an all-purpose spray cleaner and a cleaning cloth at the end of the week to get those surfaces shining. A great time to tackle these surfaces, one at a time, can be while you talk to friends or family on the phone, listen to music, or watch TV. 

If your family includes some furry friends, once a week is also a great time to give the litter box a good scrub, change the bedding for caged animals, and do a partial water change for the aquarium. For a garden, consider adding weeding to the weekly list, along with taking out the compost and a full watering when needed.

Monthly Tasks

When making your personalized monthly checklist, consider these items:

  • Give the kitchen some love. Once a month, go through your fridge and kitchen cabinets, throwing out foods that are past their use-by dates or donating foods that will not be eaten to a local charity. This is also a great opportunity to empty the shelves for a good cleaning. Wipe down cabinet shelves and use soapy water to scrub the inside of the fridge, taking shelves out to soak to make it easier to remove any stubborn, sticky residue. 
  • Clean out the trash cans. Whether from a tear in the garbage bag or just normal use, debris and residue build up inside the trash can, causing unpleasant odors. Leave the cans to soak with warm, soapy water while you scrub the outside, then take your sponge to the inside after any debris has softened and is easy to remove.
  • Vacuum more than just the floors. Carpeting, area rugs, drapes, windowsills, and upholstered furniture also gather dust and dirt over time, affecting your household’s air quality. Once a month, take a vacuum to these areas (including under the couch cushions) to improve air quality.   

Know When It’s Time to Call in the Experts

Even with the most complete checklist, there are limits to how you can keep your house clean and comfortable without professional help. No amount of vacuuming will keep your air clear if the air ducts are full of dirt, pollen, animal dander, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants. Without a full cleaning, your ventilation system will continue to recirculate these contaminants into the air you breathe. Once every couple of years, call in the professional COIT team to clean your air ducts, and your lungs will thank you. Carpets, drapes, and upholstery can also benefit from a deep, thorough cleaning once or twice a year. Follow these simple spring cleaning steps to keep your home feeling fresh and healthy.

Download a handy checklist for your next cleaning project.