How to Clean Blinds

Read time: 3 mins

With all of their individual slats, cleaning blinds can be a tedious to chore.  Here are three of favorite methods on how to clean blinds:


  • Works for: Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum
  • Method: Turn blinds so they are pointing up.  Using the brush attachment, vacuum blinds working top to bottom.  Then, turn blinds so they are pointed down.  Vacuum again working from the top down.
  • Works best as: a weekly cleaning routine or as preparation for other cleaning methods.  Will not effectively eliminate all dust or build up for blinds that are very dirty.

Sock Wipe Method

  • Works for: Vinyl and Aluminum 
  • Method: You can do this method on its own, or after vacuuming. Make a cleaning solution with two cups warm water, and one tablespoon each white vinegar and dish soap.  If you like, put on rubber, vinyl, or latex gloves.  Put an old cotton sock over your hand, dip the sock in the cleaning solution and wipe down the blinds working top to bottom.  Depending on how dirty the blinds are, you might want to switch out the sock and cleaning solution a few times.  Allow blinds to thoroughly air dry after cleaning.  Once dry, wipe blinds with a dryer sheet to eliminate static and prevent dust buildup.
  • Works best as: a twice a month cleaning routine and in conjunction with vacuuming.  For wood blinds, wipe them down with a dry microfiber cloth once a week. Follow by wiping wood blinds with a dryer sheet to eliminate static and prevent dust buildup.

Bathtub Method

  • Works for: Vinyl and Aluminum
  • Method: Take the blinds down and lay them flat in the bathtub.  Pour some dish soap, about 2-3 tablespoons and 1-2 cups vinegar in the tub and fill with several inches warm water. Allow the blinds with warm water and gently shake out to remove as much water as possible.  Either hand them from the shower rail to dry or hang them back up in the window.  
  • Works best as: A seasonal cleaning routine, or for blinds that are extremely dirty.  This method has the added benefits that you can easily clean the windows while the blinds are soaking, and that the water keeps the dust from the blinds from getting into the air.  Never soak wood blinds in water, as wood will warp.  

If you have fabric blinds or shades, you can get them dry cleaned or wash them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  If it all seems too much to tackle, COIT offers Blind and Drapery Cleaning, so you don’t have to lift a finger.  Looking for more cleaning and home organization tips?  Checkout the COIT Blog.