A Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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Early autumn is an excellent time to take care of critical home maintenance tasks before the weather turns too wet and chilly.  Make sure your home will be warm, cozy, and safe for the winter. Here is a fall home maintenance checklist that our experts have created:

  1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts- Gutters and downspouts are critical for directing water away from your home.  Make sure they are clean and clear of leaves and debris.  While you (or your handyman) are up there, inspect the roof for any sagging spots or loose or missing shingles or tiles.
  2. Inspect Exterior Paint- Paint does more then just make homes look attractive; it protects the home’s structure from the elements.  It is important to make sure your home is adequately protected before the rainy or snowy season starts. Touchup any pealing or otherwise damaged paint.
  3. Clean the Chimney- Does your home have a fireplace?  For fire safety and indoor air quality, clean the chimney before the cold season starts.
  4. Inspect Windows and Doors- Heating and cooling the home makes up over 40% of the average American’s energy bill.  Making sure your home has weather stripping and properly sealed doors and windows can save money.
  5. Safety First- Check and if necessary replace your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries. Clean or schedule a cleaning of your home’s dryer vent to prevent fires.
  6. Protect Plumbing- If you live somewhere where it regularly, or even occasionally drops below freezing, drain landscaping watering systems and check your home’s pipes.  They should be insulated to protect from freezing
  7. Change the Direction of Ceiling Fans- Many people do not know that for cooling, ceiling fans spin counter clockwise.  You can reverse the direction of the ceiling fan and run it at low speed in the winter to gently bring warm air down into the room.

Don’t wait until November to think about preparing your home for winter. Protect your home and save money on energy bills by taking care of your home before temperatures drop.

Check our cool downloadable and printable checklists: 

Weekly and Monthly Cleaning Checklist

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