7 Holiday Cleaning Tips

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As December brings 2015 to an end, you may be planning to have more friends and family over. The holidays can be a messy time for your home. While nothing replaces a good cleaning before and after having everyone over, these tips can help!

1. Get an (Extra-Large) Tree Skirt 
A tree skirt isn’t good just to cover that unsightly base at the bottom of your tree. It also collects many of the needles that fall off over time. Get a skirt that extends beyond the widest part of your tree, and you can simply wrap up those needles when it’s time to take everything down. Speaking of needles…

2. Water Your Tree Frequently 
There’s no stopping it. As soon as your beautiful tree has been cut from the ground it grew on, it’s slowly fading. With frequent watering, you can make your tree last much longer. Did you know that an average Christmas tree can consume as much as a gallon of water per day? If you take care of your tree, you’ll have fewer needles falling off when you eventually take it down. That means less work for you then.

3. Extra Floor Mats 
Clean and place floor mats inside and outside your front door to capture more mud from shoes and boots. Once dirt gets into your house, it has a way of spreading! Stop it before it ever gets in by giving your guests a place to stomp off. Now, if you really want to keep dirty shoes at bay…

4. Take Off Your Shoes 
Have people take off their shoes when they first come in. Many people will naturally do this, but some may forget. Don’t be afraid to put a sign near the door! You might be busy cooking or chatting with someone else as the door opens. Keeping your home shoeless will be a huge help.

6. Seal your floors 
Did you know when you get your floors professionally cleaned, you can have protective guards applied? Carpets, tile & grout, and stone can be sealed and protected from stains of all kinds. You can’t stop every spill from happening, but you can protect your floors from stains that set in.

7. Make Room 
The holidays are a great time for giving. Why not clear out some space in the coat closet for your guests? Donate old coats to a nearby charity, and feel the joy of giving!

At COIT, we love the holidays as much as anyone. Unlike everyone, we also love cleaning before and after. If you find hard-to-clean spots and stains, or just need some extra help, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment!

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