When you look at the granite or marble surfaces in your home, do you wish they looked cleaner and brighter?

Though regular home cleaning on your own does help maintain your stone surfaces, it’s tough to keep your stone surfaces 100% clean with so much built-up residue over time. If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company that can break through this tough residue to revive and restore your granite, give us a call at COIT stone cleaning Modesto.

Here’s a quick list of stone surfaces we treat: marble, granite, slate, Saltillo, terrazzo, travertine and more. Essentially, if it’s made of stone, we can clean it.

Experience Our 5-Step Cleaning Process that Revives Your Natural Stone Surfaces

Step 1: First, we’ll prepare your stone surfaces by blocking off any areas that won’t be treated.

Step 2: If needed, we’ll then pre-seal the surface to ensure it’s as dry as possible before we start deep cleaning.

Step 3: Next, we’ll hone the stone surface using cleaning agents and grease cutters that can break through tough residue. Through honing the surface, we can get rid of scratches, too.

Step 4: Using powerful equipment, we’ll then polish the stone surface to bring back its natural shine.

Step 5: Finally, we’ll seal the stone surface to create a protective layer between treatments.

Benefits of Trusting COIT Natural Stone Cleaners

  • If you’re ready to have stone surfaces that are free from oil and dirt, one deep cleaning treatment will get the job done.
  • Our technicians can get rid of scratches using professional honing equipment.
  • In addition to deep cleaning the stone surfaces in your home, we can also apply a protective sealer that creates a barrier between the stone and future stains.
  • No matter which room in your house has a stone surface that needs cleaning, we can handle it.
  • Our technicians know how to fix cracked stone, too.
  • COIT specializes in treating and reviving all kinds of stone surfaces, from granite to marble to slate to Saltillo and more.

COIT Stone Cleaning Modesto Offers a Unique Guarantee

COIT has offered these superior granite cleaning and marble cleaning services to customers around the world for more than 64 years. That means that for more than six decades, we’ve seen it all – from the newest granite to the oldest marble, indoors and outdoors.

So what’s the unique guarantee that COIT offers? A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We Promise to Uphold the 4 Rs When We Clean Your Stone Surfaces


  • When you inspect your stone surfaces following a professional cleaning from COIT, if you’re not wholly and fully thrilled with the results you paid for, please let us know right away. We will begin re-cleaning right away until you’re satisfied.
  • If the re-cleaning isn’t up to par, we’ll offer you a refund for the cost of the services.
  • In addition, if any items in your home should get accidentally broken by a COIT technician, we will take on the responsibility of repairing the item.
  • And finally, if repair isn’t possible, we’ll rectify the issue by giving you the equivalent amount of cash credit to help you replace it.


If you’re ready for cleaner, shinier granite with fewer scratches, give COIT Modesto a call today to learn more about our services.

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