Pack-out Inventory

One of the most devastating consequences of major water, fire, and mold damage is its effect on your valuables and everyday possessions. Even items that were not initially affected can become damaged later by lingering humidity or soot in the air. To save your possessions and prevent this kind of secondary damage, COIT offers full pack-out inventory services.


First, we complete a photo inventory of your belongings using SmartPack* software, so that all items are accounted for from the very beginning. Technicians will photograph, inventory, and catalog all items.

Emergency Cleaning of Essentials

Some items just can’t wait, so we’ll help you identify emergency items like clothes and shoes that need to be cleaned immediately. These essential items will be set aside for 24-hour turnaround processing. They will be packed, moved, dry-cleaned, and delivered to a site of your choice the next day.

Pack-Out Inventory and Restoration 

We will then pack all contents that remain. Non-salvageable items will be identified and set aside for insurance inspection. The salvageable contents will be moved to our secure facility, where we will clean and deodorize them. Our content restoration services range from hand-cleaning of delicate items to Fireline ultrasonic* cleaning to specialized restoration for electronics.

After all contents are fully cleaned, we will then re-pack contents with new packing materials and boxes. We will place the boxes and small furniture in secure storage vaults in a climate-controlled warehouse. Large furniture will be cleaned, wrapped, and moved to monitored storage racks.

Pack Back

Once your home or business is ready, we will deliver the items back to you. A final inspection will take place to ensure that every item is present and restored to our exacting standards.

* Most COIT locations are fully certified and use many of these tools, there are a few exceptions, but in those cases, industry-standard practices are employed.