Cleaning Checklists

Weekly & Monthly Checklist

A powerful checklist that creates a simple schedule so your weekly and monthly tasks are completed in reasonable times without feeling overwhelming. Give you and your family a way to split the chores simply and professionally.

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Checklist by Action

Prefer to do a laundry day followed by a go nuts with the vacuum cleaner day? This weekly cleaning checklist by action can help prioritize and save time with dividing your household chores into key categories; washing, dusting, sanitizing, vacuuming, sweeping, organizing and your outdoor needs. 

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Checklist by Room

Can't leave the room until it's perfect? We know how you feel. This checklist is made for the busy cleaner who prefers to tackle each room entirely. We help break down the needed tasks by room to let you take a break between the bedrooms and the bathrooms.

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