Get The Dirt on Carpet Cleaning: What Are Yelp Reviewers Saying?

Get the Dirt on Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning Yelp Reviews Infographic

We don't have to rely on carrier pigeons anymore to give us the information we need to know when we need to know it. Ratings websites such as Yelp are rising in popularity, spreading the good and bad news about a company and the services they offer within minutes of an interaction. Per month, the number of people seeking and posting carpet cleaning reviews on Yelp exceeds 400,000.

With that number, we don't have to guess that carpet cleaning is a desired and criticized service either. In a recent carpet cleaning reviews study sponsored by COIT, we scanned the carpet cleaning reviews across the industry and got the dirt on carpet cleaning.

Here's what we learned in our carpet cleaning reviews study (and these results are not based on any COIT reviews):

  • 97% of customers who had their carpets cleaned mention job quality in their reviews,
  • 52% praise their carpet cleaner's good customer service or friendliness,
  • 47% mention the affordability of their carpet cleaning services,
  • and 26% appreciate their carpet cleaner's punctuality and professionalism.

Unfortunately, there were also a fair number of complaints.

  • 61% of customers complain about the poor job quality of their carpet cleaner,
  • 50% complain about their cleaner's unfriendly customer service,
  • 34% complain about carpet cleaner's honesty,
  • 23% complain about the lack of a carpet cleaning company's care,
  • and 21% complain about their carpet cleaner's punctuality and professionalism.

As such a popular industry, no aspect of the carpet cleaner's job should be compromised. Get the dirt on your carpet cleaners before they arrive.

Be sure that, when choosing your carpet cleaners the next time around, you're choosing to work with people who carry the same high standards as you ––not only on their work and on their company, but also on their individual selves as well. Carpet cleaners should

  • produce high quality work to maintain their company's good standing;
  • treat their customers with utmost respect;
  • avoid insulting a customer by smoking, swearing, or creating a bigger mess than what already was on the customer's property;
  • carry a positive and friendly attitude when welcomed into a customer's home;
  • be punctual in time, arriving for the scheduled appointment;
  • and be professional in appearance.