How to Get Kool-Aid Stains Out of Carpet

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Learn how to remove Kool-Aid stains out of your carpet with COIT. Summertime evokes childhood memories of lazy, hot days. Summer means chlorine, coconut sunscreen, fresh-cut grass, sunglasses, beach towels, and pitchers of Kool-Aid. If the summer fun gets too rowdy and Kool-Aid spills on the carpet, how can you get the stain out?  We’ve already covered removing grass and mud stains.  This week: let’s get Kool-Aid stains out of the carpet.

How To Remove Kool-Aid Out Of Carpet 

1. Blot without Scrubbing

Act quickly when Kool-Aid spills! Blot up as much of the Kool-Aid as you can with paper towels or a clean cloth towel. Make sure you blot without scrubbing; the idea is to keep the Kool-Aid from soaking into the carpet without rubbing it in.

2. Mild Dish Soap and Warm Water

Mix 1 cup of warm water with ½ teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap.Using a clean white or lightly colored dishcloth, apply the dish soap cleaning solution directly onto the Kool-Aid stain.  Using a light cloth will help you see how much of the Kool-Aid is being absorbed from your carpet.  

3. Soaking Up the Kool-Aid

Do not soak the cloth, just dampen it with the solution and start blotting the stain working from the outside in.  Over soaking the cloth can spread the stain onto other areas of the carpet. Continue until the stain is gone and you are not picking up any more Kool-Aid onto your clean cloth.

4. Water and Vinegar

If you can still see the Kool-Aid stain, mix 2 cups of warm water with 1 cup of white vinegar.

5. Repeat Blotting

Using this white vinegar solution and a clean white cloth, repeat blotting the stain.

6. Apply Cold Water and Rinse

Once the Kool-Aid stain is no longer visible, apply cold water directly to the stain to rinse the carpet.

7. Let Carpet Dry

Blot up any remaining moisture and avoid stepping on the affected area until the carpet is dry. Now you know how to remove Kool-Aid out of carpet! 

Don’t let Kool-Aide stains ruin your summer fun! For more stain fighting tricks, see the COIT spot center and the COIT blog for more related content.  From glue to gum, we’ve got tricks for getting all sorts of substances out of the carpet. 

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