Do Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning? 4 Signs of Trouble You Should Not Ignore

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We rely on our heating and cooling system to keep us comfortable all year long, but what do you know about the components that make it this essential part of our lives work? Chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about the ac ductwork snaking its way through your living spaces, but knowledge is power and these tips can keep you from neglecting the care and maintenance of your air ducts.

Having your air conditioning ducts professionally cleaned carries a host of benefits, from cleaner air in your home and better health for your family to lower heating and cooling costs and less strain on your wallet. So, listen to what your ac ducts are telling you. If you notice any of these four warning signs, then it may be Pro Time — time to call in the proven professionals at COIT to get your air ducts working properly while protecting your air quality and family’s health.

Increased Dust Inside Your Home

If your housekeeping skills have not decreased but the amount of dust in your home has increased, your air ducts could be to blame. If your ac ducts are filled with dirt and debris, that stuff will find its way into your home.

If you find yourself putting in more and more elbow grease to keep your home clean, it may be time to have your air conditioning ducts professionally cleaned and serviced.

A Past Pest Infestation

Creepy crawlies love ac ducts, and those mice, rats and bugs would love to call your ductwork home. If you have had a pest infestation in the past, chances are good they also infested your ac ductwork.

Those rodents and bugs may be gone, but their waste products and nest materials are probably still in place, hiding in your ac duct work and releasing harmful contaminants into the air. Having your ducts cleaned now can remove all traces of your past pest infestation.

Visible Mold on the Exterior of Your AC Ducts

You may not be able to see the inside of your ducts, but you can look for signs of trouble on the outside. You should conduct a thorough visual inspection of your air condition ductwork at least once or twice a year, looking for mold, mildew and other obvious issues.

If you see any mold or wet spots on the outside of the ac ducts, it is time to call for a professional ac duct cleaning. If you can see mold on the outside of your air ducts, you probably have mold spores in the air, and those spores could create serious health problems for you and your family.

Problems with Duct Insulation

Adding insulation to your air ductwork is a great way to improve efficiency and lower your heating and cooling costs, but that insulation can also serve as an early warning sign. You should check the insulation carefully during every visual inspection of your heating and cooling system, looking for flaking, damp or otherwise damaged areas.

If the insulation seems wet, or even just damp, it is time to schedule a thorough air duct cleaning. The sooner you schedule that cleaning the better off you will be, and you should not put this off.

The quality of the air inside your home depends in large part on the cleanliness of your air conditioning ducts and other air handling systems. If you notice any of the four red flags listed above, it is time to schedule your next professional duct cleaning.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth the Cost? Why You Should Consider Cleaning Your Ducts Today

Now that you know the warning signs, you might want to assess whether it’s really Pro Time, and worth it to get your air ducts professionally cleaned. The viability and advisability of professional ac duct cleaning will vary from home to home, so it is important to take your own HVAC system into account before moving forward. If you can easily access all parts of your HVAC system and complete a thorough visible inspection, you may not need to invest in professional air duct cleaning. Some modern HVAC systems are designed for easy accessibility and DIY maintenance, so check your heating and cooling system carefully before calling for help.

If you get lucky, you will have a highly accessible HVAC system, but many homeowners are not so lucky. If you cannot visually inspect every part of your HVAC system, it is a good idea to have a professional look at the unit. A pro can assess the status of your air ducts and determine if a thorough cleaning is in order.

You should also consider a professional air duct cleaning if you see obvious problems on the parts of the HVAC unit you can see, like the debris and mold mentioned previously. If your ac ducts are filled with debris, you may notice mold growing on the sheet metal components of your HVAC system. Again, mold is always a sign of trouble and if you find it you should call an HVAC professional right away.

You may not spend much time thinking about your ductwork, but those hidden ac ducts play a vital role in your indoor air quality and your heating and cooling costs. If you cannot remember the last time you had your ducts professionally cleaned, it may be time to schedule a thorough cleaning today.

Ready to tackle your air conditioning ducts? Contact America’s #1 ac duct cleaning company  today.

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