How to Remove Candy Stains

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COIT Carpet Cleaning here, to help you tackle one of the most difficult stains you are sure to encounter this Fall. Halloween is quickly approaching and we know that your home is sure to expect a few fallen pieces or leftover candy lying around causing a mess in your home. Having candy stains can be a nuisance, especially if the stains' sugar attracts unwanted ants or other bugs into your home.

Take care of candy stains and remove them from your home before they become too big to handle!

How to Remove Candy Stains from Your Clothes

COIT will outline simple steps needed to take in order to completely remove the candy stains from your clothes.

What you will need:

  • Liquid detergent
  • Washing machine

What you will need to do:

  1. Start by scraping off any big chunks off your clothes
  2. Apply a healthy dose of liquid laundry detergent onto the stain
  3. Allow the detergent to settle into the stain for about 20minutes
  4. Load your piece of clothing as well as your other laundry into the machine
  5. Wash your clothes on a normal cycle with hot water
  6. Once you are done with the cycle check to see if the stain is removed

That is a simple procedure to handling all pesky candy stains. This is helpful if you are juggling more than one messy and sticky Halloween costume this year. Keep your kids happy, clean, and not sticky!

How to Remove Candy Stains from your Carpet

We cannot talk about stain removal without mentioning what COIT knows the most about – your carpet! COIT are experts in removing any hard embedded stains from any carpet. If you are in need of a high-grade professional carpet cleaner for what seems to be impossible stains call COIT. COIT has trademarked stain protector COITGard, which will keep your home clean way after we finish our cleaning.

But if you want to know the tips and tricks to tackling the stain yourself, well, we are glad to help in this area too.

What you will need:

  • Stain Remover
  • Water
  • Soft Cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Scraping utensil

The Step-by-Step Process for Removing Candy Stains From Carpet

  • Apply some cold water - this will loosen up the sugars that are binding the candy pieces to your carpet.  This might take some time, so let the water loosen up the candy, and every few minutes try to see if the candy can be easily scraped off the carpet.
  • Pull the pieces of candy off the carpet, and what remains of the big problem is usually the smaller problem, which is the stain. Next,apply a stain remover, remember to always follow the instructions listed on the stain remover to have the most effective cleaning procedure in place. The common practice for applying a stain remover is to blot the candy stain with it.
  • Next blot the stain with a cloth that has been moistened with white vinegar. After applying the stain remover and blotting with the cloth with vinegar it should be able to remove most if not all of the candy stain.
  • Now moisten a cloth with clean water and blot the stain to get rid of any unseen stain residuals. Then finish with another soft cloth and blotting the remaining moisture from the carpet stained area.

Noteworthy: Be sure to use cold water, because hot water can make the stain reappear.

If you are looking for additional resources on how to remove any stain from your carpet, COIT offers an amazing spot removal guide as a resource.

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