How to Choose a Quality, Professional Cleaning Service

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Learning how to choose a quality, professional specialty cleaning service is important. From carpet, wood, and tile floors to drapery and blinds, plus air ducts and upholstery, all of the elements that comprise quality, professional cleaning service should be taken into consideration. Here are some things to know before choosing a provider.

Are the Professional Cleaners Reliable?

If you can’t rely on the cleaning company, then they aren’t professional. Try to understand their standard service values. Credibility begins and ends with workers who are consistently dependable—there is no one else who you want entering your home.

Is the Specialty Cleaning Service Responsive?

A home cleaning provider should be easy to contact whenever you need them. If they are not answering when you call, or worse, not replying to your requests for scheduling service appointments, this is a major red flag. In addition to a company with specialized expertise, you want an honest communicator who can articulate your needs and clarify the scope of work.

Do the Cleaning Technicians Answer All of Your Questions?

Again, good communication is important for peace of mind. Make it a point to ask questions to clear up the following concerns:

  • Whether or not cleaning estimates are free

Look for carpet, flooring, and upholstery cleaners that offer free quotes. Keep in mind that not all services will offer this freebie, but it can save you money during your search by releasing the pressure to say yes. The bottom line is, your preferred cleaning provider should offer free consultations.

  • If the cleaning company is bonded, licensed, and insured

This should be standard, no exceptions. Heaven forbid a chemical mistake of some kind occurs and ruins your carpet. If it does, you want to make sure well in advance that your damaged floor is going to be replaced. Prior to hiring the cleaning company, verify their insurance status.

  • How guaranteed is the work

The conditions vary depending on the cleaning business you are contracting to carry out the work. The best cleaning companies obviously want repeat business and will avoid a fly-by-night image. If they guarantee upfront to perform all work to your ultimate satisfaction and return if anything isn’t right, you can check this concern off your list.

  • What carpet cleaning methods are used

Hot water extraction, more commonly referred to as steam cleaning, is widely considered the premier practice for making carpets look new again. But experience is important in determining the quality of this process. No matter how hot or high-powered the water is, not all technicians are created equal.

  • When will the carpet and furniture be dry again

A quality carpet and upholstery cleaning company will let you know how to keep the finished job looking beautiful. 24 hours is typically the standard time frame, but there might be other temperature control tactics that can reduce this drying period. Likewise, many technicians have disposable booties on hand they can give you to wear while the carpet dries—unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to use the furniture in the meantime.

The Most Important Thing You Can Ask a Professional Cleaning Company

Find Out What Equipment the Cleaning Company Uses and Research It on Your Own

One critical question to ask a specialty cleaning company is what equipment they use. Better yet, ask them to send a list by email so you can easily copy and paste it into Google and research the equipment yourself. If you’re communicating by phone, don’t feel bad asking the company’s rep to repeat the equipment name as well as provide proper spelling—this is important!

A cleaning provider like COIT will understand you are doing the exact research every homeowner should be doing. By looking into how the company is equipping its fleet, you can ensure everything being used in your home is of the highest quality. After all, you are paying good money for this cleaning service, and with so many options out there, you want to make sure it’s the best service.

Is the Professional Cleaner Inquisitive (Do They Ask You a Lot of Questions)

You shouldn’t be doing all of the questioning here. One mark of truly professional technicians is if they ask just as many questions of potential customers as the customers ask of them. Many service providers will say they can provide a superior cleaning job without any knowledge of your specific needs; the cleaners might do a good job, but without asking questions they will never do a great job.

If you answer yes to the following, your technicians are much more likely to be experienced:

  • Do they ask about the types of stains?
  • Do they ask how long have you had the stain?
  • Do they ask if you already tried products or other services?

Choose a Trusted Home Cleaning Provider by Choosing COIT

Finding a trusted home cleaning provider that has the right experience isn’t easy, but that’s why COIT is here to help. As a company, COIT has over 70 years of experience. Our reps take their time to explain the process and answer your questions and concerns, being sure to clean every build-up of dirt your home needs eradicated. COIT cleaning technicians show up on time for an affordable price and provide fast, effective service that restores your home to luxury.

Hire the professional cleaning service you can 100% trust to provide results—schedule an appointment with COIT.