Conquer the Dreaded Deep Clean

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Homeowners everywhere have at least a few areas of their house that get missed at cleaning time year-round, whether through oversight or deliberate skipping of the more burdensome tasks. But those lingering uncleaned spots can be hazardous to your family’s health and your home value, so no more procrastinating! We’ve outlined tips for how to conquer the much-dreaded “deep clean” that reaches those commonly untouched spots in your home. 

There are two ways to go about this: hire a professional to do the grunt work for you or brave the feat alone with some DIY cleaning solutions. Whichever route you take, COIT Cleaning & Restoration is here to offer help!

Frequent Deep Cleaning Helps Your Home Retain Value

If you’re like most people, you clean regularly by knocking out easy chores like running the vacuum over carpets or dragging a Swiffer across wood and tile floors. But how often do you truly purge your carpets and wood or tile floors of dirt, dust, and debris? If you said, “not often,” you aren’t alone.

Deep cleaning helps you retain the value of expensive home décor like carpet, flooring, rugs, and drapes. Plus, it’s essential if you’re going to be hosting guests in your home. When visitors discover a neglected spot, it can be embarrassing and really offset their appetite! Let’s keep your home party-ready instead.

If you make yourself a deep cleaning checklist, be sure to include the following tasks:

Deep Cleaning Carpets and Rugs

In a past post, we discussed how to deep clean carpets. If you have carpet in your home, deep cleaning your carpets is the most important aspect of a thorough deep clean. It’s tempting to leave furniture where it is for convenience, but every so often you should go ahead and move everything in each room. Stop and consider all of the mud and feces tracked into your family rooms since your carpets were last cleaned. How gross! It’s time to blast away the muck.

Why to Avoid Renting Carpet Cleaning Machines

Beware of renting machines though! The cost to rent carpet cleaning machines is far from a good deal. In addition to the expensive rental prices, the task of transporting the machines and operating them inside tight time restrictions always proves to be a difficult task. With unbalanced soap-to-water ratios, the carpet treated could have trouble drying, resulting in further damage.

Even worse, many rental machines are not consistently cleaned out, offering poor sanitation by tracking in germs from past use. Do you really want dead bugs and pet feces from other people’s houses tracked into your home?

If you don’t want to go through the motions yourself, COIT’s coast-to-coast technicians are happy to make things turnkey and ensure every square inch of carpet in your home gets laundered with our eco-friendly cleaning formulation, ridding your home of contaminants that hide inside your carpet flooring. If you’re not completely satisfied, COIT will offer you your money back.

Restore Tile and Grout

Another major area of neglect is tile and grout cleaning. Dirt, grime, and mildew often elude the efforts of a vacuum, sweepers, and even good, old-fashioned mops. Another reason grouting is often ignored is because it tends to be darker in color than neighboring tile. COIT technicians are able to apply a COITColorSeal™ which provides the appearance of being new and protects against future mildew. Adding a color seal to restore the look of the grout will give your tile floors some new life.

If you clean grout yourself without the aid of a COIT technician’s professional equipment, apply hot water to the grout, along with a cleaning solution and mix of vinegar and water. Let the mixture sit on the grout for a few minutes, then use a scrubber to remove the layers of stubborn dirt. Rinse and enjoy!

Yes, Cleaning Hardwood Floors Is Important

One area of the home that’s often deliberately ignored is the hardwood floors. On the surface, wood floors can hold the appearance of not being too dirty, yet the deterioration happens so gradually you might fail to notice the wear and tear.

Be careful of using sealants and finishers sold at hardware stores. For example, if you add Bona Sealer to your hardwood floors, even professionals such as COIT will not be able to clean underneath it in the future.

COIT technicians have mastered the art of protective finishes to give floors that “like new” shiny factor. Don’t delay—get professional hardwood floor cleaning and COIT guarantees you’ll be impressed.

Thoroughly Clean Blinds and Drapes

Blind cleaning is another area that often gets ignored. To reduce dust and allergens, our guide serves as a useful way to correctly clean blinds yourself. However, considering the high cost of blinds and drapes, it’s strongly recommended you protect your investment by having blinds exclusively cleaned by experienced professionals.

Why Natural Stone Care Is So Important

COIT specializes in natural stone cleaning since no deep clean is complete without it. Many people don't know that stone is porous, resulting in germs and bacteria getting deep down in the granite and marble countertops. Imagine all the times when that liquid from raw chicken has unknowingly splashed across your beautiful countertops—the bacteria continue to breed for hours, days, and weeks. Homeowners definitely need to have the stone in their kitchens professionally cleaned and sealed every 12-24 months to fight all of these disgusting and harmful germs.

Vacant House Cleaning

For competitive pricing on residential cleaning services, COIT’s different locations across the U.S. will handle the dreaded deep-clean for you. Getting a property deep-cleaned after messy tenants move out can prove tough to handle. However, landlords, home sellers, and realtors alike can all expect excellent return on the investment of enlisting COIT’s vacant house cleaning service. In addition to second-to-none carpet cleaning, COIT specialists are able to buff hardwood floors until they shine, restore tile, and even get rid of concrete stains on driveways and patios.

Choose a Partner Certified by the IICRC

Cleaning and restoration companies are awarded certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification—more commonly referred to by their acronym of IICRC. For nearly half a century, this non-profit organization has set the standard for safe and effective cleaning procedures in the United States. COIT is proud to be certified by the IICRC, and highly recommends you choose a cleaning and restoration company who has also received their certification.

100% Unconditional Guarantee

Unlike taking the DIY route or hiring someone who does odd jobs, COIT offers a full satisfaction guarantee on all residential cleaning services. Remember, one bad cleaning job can damage or devalue precious parts of your home permanently. There’s no match for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be 100% satisfied.

Ready to conquer a thorough deep clean? Contact America’s #1 deep cleaning company today.