Clean & Maintain Laminate & Wood Floors

If your floors could talk, they might very well cry out for a thorough cleaning. Laminate and wood flooring is often able to conceal dirt so it isn’t visible—how disgusting! Now is the time to once and for all figure out how to clean, maintain, protect, and restore your floors the right way.

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How Dirty Your Floors REALLY Are

The ugly truth with both laminate and wood floors is they can look perfectly clean, despite actually being filthy. Try this simple trick of grabbing a white paper towel or dish rag, wetting it slightly (with an emphasis on the word slightly because moisture is terrible for craftsman wood). Wipe the damp cloth across the floor and see how dark the white area has become. Bacteria tends to grow like crazy on neglected surfaces, with germs seeping into the crevices. Trust us, your floors are typically much dirtier—and less sanitary—than you think.

What NOT to Do to Clean & Maintain Floors

Knowing what to do in order to properly clean and maintain floors is tough. More importantly, consider what not to do. If going the DIY route, it’s very important you don’t use steam cleaners on the wooden floors in your home. Steam cleaners are great for tile or even vinyl, but when water soaks into the wood grain, it causes discoloration and expansion in the wood. However, using a damp mop is fine, but the use of vinegar is strongly discouraged, as this will significantly dull the finish over time.

The most important thing you can do is sweep or vacuum your wood floors on a regular basis, since this is a great way to get rid of dust.

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Why to Hire a Professional for Your Wood (or Laminate) Floors

In the past, COIT has given tips on how to design an easy-to-clean interior. Reality is, the interior of every home is going to have at least a few spots which are more on the difficult-to-clean side. One of these is your wood floors. If you want a truly easy and affordable solution, calling a professional technician like COIT is the only fail-safe option.

Over time, you often won’t notice how day-to-day wear gradually ages your wood floors. Professionally cleaning hardwood will restore the wood to its youthful beauty. It’s recommended you have this done every 24 months to maintain the wow factor.

COIT follows a strict procedure of removing loose debris, scrubbing the surface, carrying out a detailed hand cleaning, then scrubbing a second time, and finally applying a top coat to leave a streak-free finish.

Remember, COIT also offers a full money-back guarantee. By hiring a certified COIT technician for residential wood floor cleaning services in your home, you can’t go wrong.

Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning

Another offering of COIT is wood floor cleaning for businesses. This commercial service combines intensive floor treatment products with masterful techniques to achieve proven results. Why not prolong the life of the wood floors in your office? COIT will help your facilities maintain a long-lasting finish.

Hire the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners Around

In your pursuit to hire the best hardwood floor cleaners in your market, you’ll need the expertise that COIT offers. Don’t live another day with disgusting flooring! The team at COIT takes pride in restoring the shine of wood floors so they return to like new condition.

Looking to have someone restore your wood or laminate floors for you? Contact hardwood floor care company COIT today.