20 Reasons Why a Professional Cleaning Service Can Clean What You Can’t

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No matter how hard you scrub, mop, vacuum, or dust and how many special cleaning products you use, dirt, dust, stains, allergens, and contaminants remain hidden in fibers and imbedded in cracks, seams, and corners. At COIT, we take home cleaning to whole new level and have developed special processes to help homeowners achieve the ultimate in clean. How are we able to do what we do? Here are 20 reasons why you should call upon the professional team at COIT to bring your home to a higher level of clean:

1. Specialized Cleaning Equipment 

We have developed specialized cleaning equipment for every home area or item. From our truck-mounted extraction system for carpet cleaning, to our stone, wood, tile, and grout restoration equipment, this equipment works to deep clean and restore.

2. Highly-Trained Technicians

Our team of technicians has been trained in IICRC (Institute of Inspection and Cleaning Restoration Certification) cleaning protocols. Technicians trained by the IICRC use advanced cleaning processes. At COIT, we are not new to the business. We have over 60 years honing our craft, and we take great pride in producing the cleanest clean possible.

3. Deep Cleaning 

From carpet to upholstery, over time any fabric will accumulate dust, dirt, pathogens, allergens, and visible stains. Spot remover may help you keep the surface looking clean, but deep within the fibers, unhealthy substances accumulate. To remove them, a specialized system must be used to extract the pollutants from the fibers. We have a powerful extraction system and cleaning products appropriate for every type of fiber that not only cleans, freshens, and restores, but protects special dyes from the risk of fading.

4. Drape Cleaning and Restoration 

Whether your home has custom window treatments, valances, festoons, or drapes, over time the dust and dirt will collect. For a complete clean that makes your home smell exceptionally fresh, our drape cleaning service not only removes and rehangs your drapes, but promises all pleats and hems are perfect, every time.

5. Dust and Allergens Removed from Blinds

Whether you have shutters, shades, wood blinds, or custom shades, you can expect that over time, they will become polluted with dust and allergens that are difficult to fully remove by hand. Our system works to remove every speck of dust and dirt so your blinds are restored to the cleanest clean possible.

6. Tile Restored 

While you may have spent hours on your knees scrubbing and polishing tile floors or bathroom features, it can be next to impossible to restore the gleaming freshness the tile had when installed without specialized equipment and the commercial cleaning products used by the technicians at COIT. Our commercial grade equipment and heated solution along with a high-pressure rinse and vacuum power works to bring back the beauty of your tile.

7. Grout Revitalized and Spotless 

Cleaning products available to consumers cannot produce the spotless, restored look to grout that our trained COIT technicians achieve. Our system blasts through every type of dirt, grease, mildew, and grime to bring corrupted grout back to its original spotless look. Once fully cleaned, we offer additional services, including changing grout colors and sealing. Talk to us about professional grout cleaning – the difference in what you could achieve on your own, with hours of scrubbing, is extreme – take a breather and let us get the job done right.

8. Stone Restored 

Whether you have slate, marble, granite, or other type of stone for flooring, bathroom features, or countertops, indoor or out, our cleaning systems work to restore the natural beauty of your stone. While stone is highly durable, it is also porous and prone to staining and losing its natural sheen. We carefully prepare the stone for cleaning using lab-developed abrasive compounds, cleaning agents, and professional grease-cutters. We then employ a system to hone away any scratches, wear marks, or etching affecting the surface. The result is stunning.

9. Carpets Deep Cleaned 

While there are countless businesses offering carpet cleaning, COIT technicians, along with our high-powered equipment, take the process to a higher level. We use a deep extraction method along with a non-toxic emulsifying product to loosen the dirt lingering deep within the carpet fibers. Followed with deodorizers and the addition of our special protectant, COITGard, your carpets will be fully refreshed, look amazing, with a clean that lasts longer.

10. Area Rugs of all Types Cleaned 

You may have invested in area rugs to bring more style and comfort to your home, but these rugs must be cleaned correctly to maintain color and avoid damage, particularly for high-value Persian rugs or those with natural dyes or fibers. Beyond our ability to thoroughly extract the dirt, dust, and allergens hiding within the fibers, we offer services to restore and repair valuable area rugs. 

11. Wood Floors Brought Back to Life 

It can be expensive to restore wood floors that are scratched and dull. Rather than investing in full refinishing, why not discover what COIT can do? Our wood floor cleaning can restore the smooth, gleaming look of a new floor at a lower cost. We don’t scrimp on the details and have a five-step cleaning process that produces beautiful results, including fully cleaning imbedded dust and dirt within the wood and where floor meets wall. We apply a top coat as the final step, so the full beauty of your floor can be revealed.

12. Ducts Free from Dirt, Dust, and Allergens 

The air circulating throughout your home can become a source of irritation when your air ducts have collected dust, allergens, bacteria, dead insects, and other pathogens as these tiny particles are pulled from the system and spread into your indoor air. Our first step is to evaluate your indoor air quality to determine whether you and your family are breathing dirty, polluted air. The CDC warns against the health risks associated with pathogens present in indoor air. Keep your family breathing healthy, clean air by having your air ducts cleaned every year. Only the most advanced processes will truly get the job done, rather than just stirring up contaminants and making things worse. We do the job correctly by extracting these substances fully. You’ll notice the difference in how you feel. This is particularly important for homes with children, elderly people, or those who live with asthma or immune deficiencies.

13. Upholstery Deep Cleaned 

Your couches, ottomans, and chairs will, over time, absorb dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens, as well as stains. These pollutants become deeply imbedded in the fibers and are released into the air you breathe with the impact of sitting. To remove all these unhealthy particles requires specialized equipment and non-toxic cleaning products to loosen the imbedded pollutants and extract them. Your furniture will be fresh, clean, and free from stains – and your home will have cleaner, fresher air. 

14. Emergency Services 

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Leaking pipes, floods, toxic mold growth, fire, or other disaster can seriously damage your home. Our restoration services are geared to restore livability. We can remove smoke odor, refinish furniture, extract any water that could lead to dangerous mold growth or damage the structural integrity of your home, and offer many other services needed to make your home safe, and smelling sweet.

15. Cleaning Nooks and Crannies

No matter how hard you work at keeping your home spotless, dirt and dust, along with bacteria, viruses, allergens, and pollutants drift into and become lodged in the hard-to-reach areas. Our specialized equipment can extract any contaminants from areas that are impossible to access by hand, mop, or vacuum. Let us help you have the cleanest home possible – it's what we do. 

16. Floor to Wall Crevices 

While mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning baseboards by hand can remove some of the collection of contaminants hiding in floor to wall crevices, some will remain, hidden from view, and be released into the air you breathe. Our specialized, high-powered equipment works to extract even the most deeply imbedded contaminants so the area is thoroughly fresh and clean.

17. Baseboards Spotless 

Most of us would like to avoid spending hours on hands and knees cleaning baseboards – it’s just no fun. Our cleaning services will remove the accumulation of dirt, dust, and allergens, and restore a spotless shine to any type of baseboard. While we work, take the time to catch up with friends, read a book, or watch your favorite show. We will get the job done right.

18. Concrete Floors Restored 

Concrete floor surfaces look beautiful when installed, but as time passes, they become dull and dirty, impacting the appeal of your home. From driveways to patios to indoor custom flooring, we have the technology and systems to restore your concrete surfaces.

19. Restore and Repair 

Over time, various home items or features can become damaged and need repair. At COIT, we offer repair services to help keep your valuable items looking as they should. From re-fringing area rugs to removing etching, refinishing scratches in stone or wood, repairing and restoring drapes and window treatments, and a range of other repair services – we have you covered.

20. Stain Protection 

While deep cleaning carpets, floors, area rugs, and furniture produces maximum cleanliness, you want it to last. Our professional stain protection products protect fabrics, carpets, floors, tile, and stone for much longer. Why not get the most out of a deep clean, with added protection? Talk to us about stain protection for carpet, upholstery, and window treatments, as well as sealing and complete tile and grout restoration.

Talk to the Pros at COIT: Our Services are Guaranteed

We are so confident in our home cleaning processes that our services include a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. We know that our guarantee is rare – almost no other cleaning service offers such an assurance. How do we do it? It is easy when you know your cleaning processes are the best in the business, and that you have state-of-the-art equipment and specialized cleaning products that produce remarkable results. 

A History of Service in the Cleaning Industry

We are not newcomers to the cleaning industry – in fact, many of the standard cleaning process used today were developed by us. Back in 1950, we were newcomers – but that was almost seventy years ago! Since that time, we have focused upon finding newer, better ways to perform cleaning services. Our focus on development has led to some of the most advanced cleaning processes on the planet. We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products to achieve a higher level of clean – truly above and beyond the ordinary. 

When our founder, Lou Kearn, started COIT, the original shop was located at the foot of the iconic COIT Tower in San Francisco -- inspiring our name. His first attack on the cleaning industry was to offer drapery cleaning services – for which he developed a number of patented processes. Soon the company developed a full scope of high-tech cleaning processes for homes and businesses and has maintained a leadership position in the cleaning industry for decades. While we are proud of our accomplishments, we never “rest on our laurels.” Every customer matters to us, and we are committed to helping our friends and neighbors in the community to achieve a healthy, thorough clean.

We never stop working on developing better processes, and never will. As technology develops, we may come across new ways to achieve our goal – the ultimate in clean. 

Spring Cleaning: Time to Plan

Spring cleaning is an old tradition, and a good one. After the fall and winter months come to an end, a thorough cleaning will get rid of the accumulation of dust and dirt tracked in. Many cultures have made spring cleaning a tradition, or a rite, but it is a practical way to get your home in shape for the sunny months ahead. If you are ready to plan a thorough cleaning, why not talk to the professional technicians at COIT? While only you can do some of the work, such as getting rid of unused items you don’t need cluttering up your home, we can take care of the rest. 

What about making spring cleaning easy on yourself, and get it done right? Think about using your time for something that enhances your quality of life – reading, walking, visiting friends, movies, crafts, sports – just enjoy the day, and let COIT get your spring cleaning tasks out of the way. Not only will your home be exceptionally clean and fresh, you won’t need to do anything other than enjoy it. 

A Breath of Fresh Air

Over the winter months, it is rare to open the windows to let in fresh air, and we count on our HVAC systems to keep the air in the home at a comfortable temperature and well-circulated. The drawback to forced air systems is that they not only bring you the warmed air you need in winter and the cool air you want in summer – they also circulate the particulates in the air. Dust is made up of dirt, pollen, and soot, as well as carpet fluff, fabric fibers, and pet hair and dander – none of which you want your family to inhale.

Air filters get some of the job done but changing them is often a task that gets put on the backburner. If you have young children, older persons, or anyone with allergies or asthma in your family, change your air filters more frequently, and purchase high-efficiency filters with a built-in electrostatic charge to attract tinier particles. It is recommended that these filters are changed every three months. It is shocking to see just how much dust is being circulated throughout the home – that’s why a deep spring cleaning is so important. Reducing the presence of irritants and providing your family with cleaner indoor air will help protect health. Most airborne dust is released due to human activity, whether walking, sitting, or playing. Even getting out of bed can release dust. While we hate to think about it, when you want a deeper clean, our professional technician at COIT can help your entire family breathe healthier, cleaner air. You may be surprised to discover you sleep sounder and feel more energetic upon rising. 

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