From preserving our furnishings to health reasons and mental clarity, we all know how important it is to keep our homes clean.  But when you are done with the washing, dusting, vacuuming, dishes, and yard work, who has time for more?  With all of the restaurants, breweries, and the great outdoors that Portland has to offer, who can stand to be stuck inside cleaning all the time?  Some household jobs are simply too difficult to tackle when you do not have professional tools and expertise.  No fear! COIT Cleaning and Restoration has the cleaning tools and experience to get your home’s biggest chores done the right way.

  • Are your once bright carpets now dingy and spotted? COIT carpet cleaning Portland uses the ultra effective water extraction cleaning method to get your home’s carpets super clean, quickly and safely.
  • Are your blinds and drapes covered under a layer of dust? COIT drapery and blind cleaning Portland is the drapery and blind cleaning experts!  We take window treatments down, clean them, bring them back and hang them back up for you. Super easy.
  • Are your area rugs filled with dirt, even after you vacuum them? COIT area rug cleaning Portland cleans all sorts of area rugs from delicate silk oriental rugs to plush New Zealand wool or durable synthetics.
  • Are your home’s air ducts positively filthy? (Psst!  They are, take a look) COIT air duct cleaning Portland is NADCA certified to clean air ducts and HVAC systems.  Breath easier!
  • Is your couch looking dirty and worn? COIT upholstery cleaning Portland can often save couches that customers where ready to throw out because of stains.

So the next time you're looking for professional cleaning services in Portland, Oregon, call the trusted technicians at COIT. Our friendly cleaning technicians do a great job and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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