Who can you turn to in Modesto for the best professional carpet cleaning services? For more than 64 years, customers have been choosing COIT carpet cleaning Modesto. Our team of trained carpet cleaning technicians specializes in going where household vacuums and carpet cleaners simply can’t go – beneath the surface, where all the invisible bacteria, dirt and dust are hiding. Using powerful, commercial-grade carpet cleaning equipment, COIT can treat the toughest stains to leave you with cleaner, healthier carpet.

After you set up an initial appointment, one of our technicians will start by giving your carpet a thorough inspection. He or she can get a good idea of what condition your carpet is currently in, as well as any specific trouble spots that may need some extra attention. We’ll then provide you with a written estimate; once you give us the go ahead, we’ll start the deep cleaning process. 

Using the industry’s best cleaning equipment, we’ll shampoo your carpets and dig out tough stains. By doing so, we’ll also be purifying the air you breathe, as cleaner carpet equals cleaner air.

Benefits of Hiring COIT Carpet Cleaning Modesto


  • We’ll remove spots and other hidden contaminants using a powerful truck-mounted cleaning system.
  • Our technicians will give you free cost estimate, in writing, before beginning any work.
  • By investing in professional carpet cleaning, your carpets will actually last longer.
  • If you have pets, we can focus on removing specific pet stains and odors.
  • To protect your carpet against future stains, our technicians can apply COITGard fabric protector after we deep clean.
  • If any part of your carpet is damaged, we also offer repairs as part of our services.


COIT Technicians are IICRC Certified 

If the rest of the carpet cleaning companies in Modesto also offer these services, what makes COIT stand out from the pack when you’re searching the web for “house cleaning Modesto”? The fact that we’re certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) makes us unique. The IICRC is an organization that cleaning companies look to when it comes to residential cleaning best practices.

COIT supports the IICRC and believes in providing continuous, hands-on education to our technicians to ensure we’re always producing the best results when we clean your carpets. By taking courses and certification exams created by the IICRC, we can make sure we’re staying on the cutting edge of home cleaning technology and procedures. 

Why Should You Trust COIT Carpet Cleaners Modesto?

In addition to staying up to date on the latest cleaning technology, COIT Modesto carpet cleaning also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to every customer. Here’s what this guarantee looks like:

If you’re not absolutely, positively thrilled with how clean your carpets look and feel, let us know right away. We’ll re-clean your carpets to remove any spots we missed. If the re-cleaning isn’t what you had in mind, we can offer you a refund so you won’t have to pay for our services. 

Should anything get accidentally broken while we’re cleaning your carpets, we promise to repair the item. And finally, if the item isn’t fixable, we commit to giving you an equivalent cash credit to rectify the situation.

If you’re looking for a dependable and risk-free professional cleaning solution for your carpets, call COIT Modesto carpet cleaning today.

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