In Las Vegas, there’s always something to do or some new attraction to see. 

If you’re the type of person who enjoys spending your time out and about exploring - or even if you enjoy downtime indoors - deep cleaning every corner of your home is probably not high on your list of fun things to do, right?

That’s where the team at COIT Las Vegas can lend a hand, thanks to our professionally trained cleaning specialists. 

  • Does your carpet look like it’s been through a bit of a hurricane? The technicians at COIT carpet cleaning Las Vegas will bring in commercial-grade cleaning equipment to remove tough surface stains, as well as dirt and allergens that may lurk within your carpet’s fibers.
  • Can’t remember the last time you had your air ducts professionally inspected and cleaned? Not to worry – COIT air duct cleaning Las Vegas will send a well-trained technician to assess your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ); he or she will then clean your air ducts using a powerful vacuum that removes harmful allergens, dirt and dust that contaminate the air you breathe.
  • Are your area rugs looking worn out and full of stains? The technicians at COIT area rug cleaning Las Vegas will thoroughly examine your area rugs to assess their current condition; based on the type of rug, they’ll design a custom cleaning plan that revives and restores them.
  • Tired of looking at dusty drapery and blinds? Using the process we invented, COIT drapery cleaning Las Vegas will deep clean your window treatments to remove dirt, dust, odor and any other allergens – with free takedown and reinstallation included.
  • Is your tile and grout losing its original color, thanks to built up dirt and grime? You can count on COIT tile and grout cleaning Las Vegas to tackle tough stains using a specialized heated solution that breaks through build-up and restores your home’s tile surfaces.
  • Does your furniture need some extra attention when it comes to cleaning? You can rest easy after COIT upholstery cleaning Las Vegas is finished; thanks to our powerful vacuums and cleaning solutions, our technicians can extract dirt from your furniture and simultaneously improve the health of your home.
  • Concerned that mold may exist in your home and need professional restoration experts to inspect and remove it? COIT mold remediation Las Vegas takes mold removal very seriously, using HEPA vacuums and other techniques to cleanse your home of any contamination
  • Do you know who to turn to in the event of accidental water damage? When unexpected flooding occurs, COIT water damage restoration Las Vegas is available 24/7; our emergency response team will bring in heavy duty drying equipment to remove water immediately and prevent as much secondary damage as possible.
  • Do you need someone to call on to help repair structural damage and other items following a fire? COIT fire damage restoration Las Vegas has a team of experts who can assess the damage to your home and other items and recommend a complete restoration plan to meet your needs
  • Have you ever had your home’s stone surfaces professionally cleaned? With a professional cleaning from the experts at COIT stone cleaning Las Vegas, you can expect us to prepare, pre-seal, hone, polish and seal everything from granite to marble to slate to Saltillo and more.

Give COIT Las Vegas a call today at 702-382-1941 to set up an appointment and get a free written estimate. We are proud of serving Henderson and Boulder City.

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