Get expert restoration from a name you trust. When a tragedy like a fire occurs, you can rely on COIT to get your life normal. 
The first hours after a fire are vital. COIT can board up windows and tarp roofs to secure your property. 
Lingering soot or water can cause secondary damage and health issues if not immediately addressed by a professional fire restoration company. COIT is here for you 24/7 - we are just a phone call away.
how do I clean my house after a fire?
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1. Inspect and Secure: 

The fire damage restoration process begins with an inspection of your property to determine the extent of the damage. We’ll review our plan to begin the restoration process. We then assist you in obtaining any personal items you may want or need before securing the property.   



2. Inventory and Pack-Out

COIT will create a detailed inventory of every affected item in in your home to ensure you know what will be packed out during the restoration process. We determine which items are restorable and which are not. We are experts at restoring and pay special care to those items which may be irreplaceable such as pictures and family heirlooms. We can prioritize, restore and quickly return items important you. All of your valuable items are securely stored until the entire project is complete.  


Fire Damage

3. Fire and Smoke Damage

Any parts of the structure damaged by fire will be removed in preparation for reconstruction. This also begins the process of removing damaging soot and smoke. Our technicians utilize air scrubbers, hydroxyl and ozone generators to completely remove even the slightest smoke odors. The COIT Restoration Team will work until your home or business is restored.  


Clean Up

4. Put Back

Cleaning is a COIT specialty so you can rest assured that all affected areas of your home or business will be thoroughly cleaned and restored. Once the process is complete our expert staff will return and replace your personal items.  




  • Fire & Smoke Restoration Services

    COIT's Fire & Smoke Restoration Services include:

    • Full service mitigation and reconstruction
    • Dry Cleaning and pack-out of clothing, shoes, bed linens and more. 
    • Rush jobs on important items 
    • Cleaning and treatment for smoke odor
    • Non-destructive cleaning and restoration procedures
    • Structural cleaning 
    • Furniture refinishing 
    • Carpet Cleaning 
    • Area Rug Cleaning 
    • Air Duct Cleaning 
    • All other COIT cleaning services 


  • Environmental Restoration Benefits
    • Perform all work following IICRC S-520 Standards and EPA Guidelines 
    • Contain crawl space including openings to the building envelope, vents to the exterior and HVAC system
    • Create negative air and HEPA filter exhaust to exterior
    • Extract standing water
    • Continue drying until target moisture level are achieved 
    • HEPA vacuum all affected areas
    • Wash all surfaces affected areas 
    • Remove all visible contamination
    • Photograph contaminated and surrounding areas prior to the start of cleaning and following completion

    * Each job is unique, your COIT Restoration team will tailor services to your specific needs. 

  • The COIT Restoration Specialist
    • Restoration Service Specialists are drug tested and criminal background check is completed 
    • Receive COIT internal certifications 
    • IICRC Restoration Certification 
    • Minimum of 2 years experience 
    • Hands on restoration experience
    • Specialized tools and equipment
    • Complete Industry backed training 
    • OSHA Safety Training 
  • Crawl Space Decontamination Service
    Hazard and Damage Removal

    When decontaminating a crawl space or attic, we first check for any safety hazards, following OSHA and COIT rules for confined space entry.  We then extract standing water using our truck-mounted extraction equipment.  If your insulation has been affected, we will remove the damaged insulation, bag it up, and safely dispose of it.  We will also check vapor barriers (a sheet or coating that prevents water vapor from permeating walls) and remove them if they have been damaged.  

    For Smoke and Fire Damage: Vacuuming

    Technicians will use HEPA vacuums to remove fine particulates from the area, as well as set up appropriate equipment to scrub the air and remove odors. Soot stains will be treated using methods appropriate to the contaminated surface.


    Once the crawl space decontamination process is complete and the space is dry, and the drying equipment has been removed, we will replace your insulation and vapor barrier.  

Let Us Help You Get Back To Normal

Backed by our Industry Leading Guarantee


Our priority is to restore your home, business, or property to their pre-loss condition — to your complete satisfaction. That’s why we back our disaster restoration services with the industry’s best guarantee

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE - If you're not completely happy with our emergency services, we will:

RE-SERVICE the scope areas to your satisfaction

RETURN TO PRE-LOSS CONDITION: If we fail to meet the scope as estimated, we will credit you with the items present actual cash value* toward a like replacement from a COIT source (upon complete payment of services rendered including the deductible). 

REPAIR any damage caused by COIT that is outside the requirements of executing the scope
*As determined by customer industry standards

WHY CHOOSE COIT, in an emergency

Our Promise 

Our guarantee is our word. During times of stress and emergency, COIT promises that we will re-service, return to pre-loss condition or repair any damage caused by COIT. That's the COIT commitment to you. 

Rapid Response

We are available 24/7 - to respond when you need us most. What’s more, our experienced team works thoroughly and quickly to get the job done right, minimize damage, and get you back to normal faster.


Our emergency restoration team is the industry's best - you can trust us in your home or business. We have the expertise to handle restoration jobs of any size: from a toilet overflow to a hurricane disaster.  


Our restoration team makes sure you and your insurance adjuster are informed every step of the way with regular updates, and clear documentation. We are here answer any questions and address concerns.

Competitive & Fair

Our industry approved pricing ensures that during a time of emergency, that your pricing is competitive and fair.  We do what we say we will, and go out of our way to restore your valuable property and items.

Caring & Courteous

We know how difficult dealing with a disaster can be. Our customer service and restoration teams will always treat you, your home or business, and your belongings with the utmost respect and compassion.