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So why spend your free time searching for the best tile and grout cleaning services? Save yourself the trouble by investing in the industry’s longest running and most trusted company: COIT tile and grout cleaning Nashville.

Tile and grout is tough to maintain. When you clean it with a mop, the mop water actually penetrates the grout and can leave stains over time. When you invest in professional cleaning, we’ll use specialized equipment that lifts dirt and tough stains from grout lines, without causing any additional discoloration.

Missing the original color of your tile and grout? With COITColor Seal, we can restore the original color, with a 10-year guarantee that it will stay that way. If you feel like changing things up with a new color, COITColor Seal can do that, too. After we apply this solution, your grout will be 100% non-porous. And you won’t have to worry about peeling, chips or flakes over time.

Benefits of Working with COIT Tile & Grout Cleaning Nashville

  • Our team of technicians can effectively deep clean kitchens, patios and bathrooms.
  • Instead of replacing worn out tile and grout, let COIT revitalize it with a professional cleaning.
  • COITColorSeal protects and minimizes future dirt and grime build up.
  • Finally get rid of all the mold, mildew and bacteria that’s lurking in your tile and grout.
  • Say goodbye to tough cleaning – let COIT do the work for you with professional equipment.

COIT Grout Cleaning Nashville Follows IICRC methods 

On top of using the industry’s most professional and cutting edge equipment to clean your tile and grout, our technicians also follow trusted Inspection Cleaning and Restoration’s (IICRC) methods. Not all tile and grout cleaning services are as committed as COIT when it comes to adhering to best practices. As the technology advances, COIT follows the lead of the IICRC to make sure we’re treating your home’s tile and grout as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Why Choose COIT Grout Cleaners?

Would you rather invest in a brand new cleaning company or rely on a trusted cleaning company that’s been around for more than 64 years, worldwide? With the team of technicians at COIT, you’ll get service from trained specialists using the best and most powerful equipment on the market. We’ve seen it all!

As a professional cleaning company, we pride ourselves on standing by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is our way of formally committing to only delivering the best and most effective tile and grout services. With every cleaning treatment, we’ll uphold our promise to follow the 4 Rs:

  • If you’re not over the moon with how clean your tile and grout is, we’ll reclean it until you are.
  • Should you still not be happy with how your tile and grout turns out, we’ll refund the cost of the service.
  • If something happens to break during our service, we’ll repair the item or rectify the issue by giving you a cash credit.

We also serve Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, Gallatin and Murfreesboro.

Give COIT Nashville a call today at 650-458-4652 to learn more about our cleaning services. 

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