When you look at the stone surfaces in your home, do you find yourself missing that old sparkle they used to have? We understand and feel your pain!

COIT stone cleaning Omaha can restore that sparkle with just one professional cleaning session. If you need help restoring countertops, walls or floors made of stone, we can give you a hand.

Specific Benefits of Hiring COIT Stone Cleaning Omaha 

Whether you’re looking for granite cleaning, marble cleaning, travertine and more, COIT technicians will deliver the following benefits with every single service:

  • Using powerful polishing equipment, we can extract oil and wax from your stone surfaces to help them shine brighter.
  • If you’re tired of looking at scratches on your home’s stone surfaces, we can get rid of those thanks to diamond pads that can hone and polish all kinds of stone.
  • After we extract ground in dirt and lift the film from the surface of the stone, our technicians will apply a sealer that acts as a shield against future stains; this sealer can also slow the rate at which stone surfaces tend to deteriorate over time.
  • From your kitchen to your backyard to your bathroom, COIT technicians have expertise cleaning and polishing all kinds of stone surfaces in your home, regardless of where they may be.
  • If you see cracked or broken stone, let us know – we can repair that kind of damage, too.
  • We have the knowledge and equipment to treat every kind of stone surface.

COIT Natural Stone Cleaners Abide by IICRC Guidelines

So how can you trust that our cleaning techniques are the best and most effective on the market? Just ask the IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

This non-profit organization is the guru that guides professional cleaning companies. The IICRC provides extensive documentation, as well as hands-on courses and certification exams, to provide a consistent, healthy, safe and effective approach that COIT technicians use on a daily basis. 

Any time a COIT technicians begins to clean your home’s stone surfaces, they’re doing so with IICRC best practices in their back pocket. This ensures you get the best results, every time.

Why Trust COIT?

Every time you hire COIT, you can feel great about the fact that we’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers for the past 64+ years. As a global company, we’ve been in business long enough to know that if the customer isn’t happy with our services, that’s the end of the road.

That’s why we’re adamant about upholding our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are committed to upholding the 4 R’s, with every single stone cleaning service we perform:

  • Reclean - if your stone isn’t sparkling when we’re finished, let us know and we’ll give it another go, free of charge.
  • Refund – if this second round of cleaning still doesn’t deliver the results you expected, let us know and we can issue you a complete refund.
  • Repair – should we accidentally break something in your home while we’re performing our stone cleaning services, we’ll take care of repairing it for you.
  • Rectify – if repairs aren’t going to work for this particular item, let us know and we’ll present you with a cash credit that can pay for a replacement.

Pick up the phone and get one step closer to those sparkling stone surfaces you miss!

Give COIT Omaha a call today at 402-342-2648 to set up an appointment!

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