Fort Lauderdale, Florida is known as the "Venice of America," boasting a large and intricate system of canals. So what do you want your carpets to be known for? Being spotless and fresh! COIT Carpet Cleaning Fort Lauderdale offers carpet repair, stain removal and stain-resistant protective coatings.

Doesn’t it feel great when you come home from a long day and can feel fresh, plush and clean carpet under your feet? It’s quite nice to be able to take off your shoes, kick off your socks and not have to worry about stains, dust mites and built up dirt collecting on your feet. Feeling clean and comfortable is one of the nice feelings about being home. But with household carpet cleaners, it may be tough to recreate that feeling, especially in high traffic areas. That’s where COIT Fort Lauderdale carpet cleaning can lend a hand, along with 30 years of trusted expertise.

With this expertise comes advanced technology that ensures your carpet is in the healthiest condition possible for you and your loved ones. Our trained team of technicians offers carpet cleaning services that utilize a truck-mounted cleaning system to dig up allergens, dust mites, dirt and stains that collect over time. And before we get to work, we’ll always be sure to perform an in- depth inspection of your carpet so we know exactly what condition it’s in, as well as specific instructions the manufacturer recommends. All of the detail and care we take to offer you the best services possible is the backbone of what makes COIT carpet cleaning Fort Lauderdale dependable and effective in treating your carpets.

  • Smoke, cooking oil, bacteria, and dust mites all collect in your carpets damaging the fibers, and some shampoos and detergents might cause further damage. Only deep, professional carpet cleaning by certified technicians can preserve the life and beauty of your investment.
  • COIT uses the most advanced, truck-mounted carpet cleaning system which gently removes even the most ground-in dirt, odors, and stubborn stains leaving your carpet looking luxurious and smelling fresh.
  • Our fully trained and certified technicians will inspect any problem areas with heavy foot-traffic, pet stains and odor, and decide on the most appropriate method of cleaning for your carpet.
  • After applying a non-toxic emulsifier, we use our specially-engineered, truck-mounted vacuum system to extract loosened dirt and soils.
  • Our technicians can also apply special treatments such as deodorizers or our exclusively-formulated CoitGard™ - a protective coating that resists soil and prevents staining and extends your carpet cleaning service.

COIT Carpet Cleaning Fort Lauderdale – We Follow IICRC Methods

Speaking of recommendations, COIT Fort Lauderdale carpet cleaning also follows what the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) suggests. Rather than hoping that our practices and equipment fully complete the job we promise, we make sure of it by training our technicians to follow IICRC methods at all times. Not all Fort Lauderdale carpet cleaning companies hold themselves to the high standards that COIT does, as this involves staying up to date as carpet cleaning services technology evolves with new discoveries and techniques.

Benefits of Choosing COIT Fort Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning Services

Among these discoveries and techniques, one thing has remained the same with COIT carpet cleaning Fort Lauderdale: if you’re not happy with the way we clean your carpets, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For the most complete set of services available, call COIT carpet cleaning Fort Lauderdale today.

We also offer carpet cleaning services in Miami and South Florida


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