When you inhale a nice, deep breath inside your home, do you ever think about what’s going into your lungs? Is the air in your home entirely fresh, clean and free from contaminants?

There’s only one way to find out: invest in a professional inspection with COIT air duct cleaning Las Vegas

Details about Our Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning Service

When a COIT technician arrives in your home, he or she will start by performing an inspection of your air ducts. This important first step will help determine your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which measures how healthy the air in your home really is. 

After this inspection, you can expect to receive a written cost estimate prior to any work being done. Once you’ve signed off on the total cost, we’ll use a HEPA-Aire vacuum to gather all of the pollutants out of your home’s filtration system. What’s left? Clean air ducts and allergen-free air that promotes better everyday health.

Benefits of Hiring COIT Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas

  • When you invest in COIT, your air duct will experience the deepest clean possible that will remove invisible dust and dirt from the air you breathe.
  • If you’re looking to lower your energy bill, regular air duct cleanings can make your HVAC system run more efficiently, reducing monthly costs.
  • Getting your air ducts cleaned by a professional every 24 months will get rid of allergens that can be linked to asthma and other health issues.
  • Following a professional dryer vent cleaning, you’ll be happy to know that every breath you take will fill your lungs with cleaner, healthier air.
  • If your air duct needs a new filter, COIT air duct cleaners can provide one for most HVAC systems.

COIT’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Ensures Cleaner, Healthier Air

When we’re cleaning your home’s filtration system, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’re given a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every single service.

  • If you’re not happy with the results, we’re committed to recleaning your air ducts immediately. 
  • Once this recleaning is complete, if you still aren’t feeling like the results meet your expectations, we’ll go ahead and refund your money.
  • Should any accidental damage occur while we work, we’ll take care of 100% of the cost of repairs
  • And if repair just isn’t possible, we’ll rectify the problem by giving you a cash credit that you can use to purchase a replacement.

So there you have it – a few compelling reasons to take the next step toward breathing cleaner, healthier air on a daily basis in your home. 

Call COIT today at 702-382-1941 to schedule an appointment with a representative.

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