Auto Mechanic in Bay Area

San Francisco
Job Type

Ability to diagnose and repair vehicle and equipment

High School Diploma or equivalent experience

Experience with Chevy, Dodge or Ford Vehicles

Knowledge of Carpet Cleaning truck mounts and HVAC/Restoration equipment beneficial

Minimum of 2 years of vehicle and mechanical maintenance experience including gasoline and propane power systems.


Position Summary

Maintains all company vehicles. This may include truck mounted carpet cleaning units, HVAC, and Restoration equipment, ALL company vehicles and equipment must be working safely in good operating condition.

This position requires the individual to locate cost effective sources for rebuilding engines and transmissions. Plus, you must have experience in removing and installing engines into our fleet of vehicles.

Essential Functions

- . Maintains all company vehicles and diagnose issue accurately for prompt resolve and repair.
- . Maintains all on-location equipment in good running condition.
- . Maintains all plant equipment in good running condition.
- Performs routine upkeep on vehicles and keeps a daily log of maintenance.
- .Troubleshoots mechanical problems; has ability to identify and repair them.
- Assists on-road staff when break-downs occur.
- Follows all applicable legislation and policies for safe operation of vehicle and equipment.
- Meets corporate standards for attendance and timeliness.
- Maintains effective professional working relationships with employees and vendors.
- Maintains a tracking logs on following proper disposal and recycling of all batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and any solvents, chemicals or liquids including motor oil and filters.
- Maintains a tracking log for the proper disposal of all used tires.
- Follows local City and County, State and Federal laws and OSHA standards at all times and assists Management with formal inspections.
- Maintains fire extinguisher program by mounting extinguishers on every vehicle and doing monthly inspections by signing off on the required hang tag. These extinguishers are changed annually.
- Maintains Coit Safety First Program with employees driving company vehicles.
- Trains employees on required daily vehicle inspections including all equipment and monthly maintenance.
- Ability to communicate with Management consistently. For example, keeping track of vehicle mileage, inventory, scheduling of maintenance, DMV registrations, vehicle decals, remote drivers needs, etc...

Other Duties

Any other duties assigned by manager.

Physical Demands

Extensive bending, twisting, and standing for long periods of time

Required to kneel, crouch or crawl

Repeating same movements

Ability to practice safe lifting up to 50lbs.

Use of both hands to control or touch objects and tools.

Strong vision and fine motor skills needed for inspections.

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