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If you live in Los Angeles County, you have access to an endless range of activities. The area boasts some of the country’s greatest restaurants, venues, and cultural centers and events, as well as being close to beautiful Pacific beaches, skiing, hiking, and a wide scope of unique urban adventures. As the cities in the Los Angeles area are built on a sedimentary basin, dust and dirt a just a part of life. Keeping your home clean and the interior air fresh takes more attention that in many other cities – and the professionals at COIT are here to help. With over six decades of experience, we are recognized as one of the premier cleaning services and for the professionalism of our cleaning team.

Our Services

As dirt and dust are tracked into your home, your carpets will begin to look dull and dingy as it collects deep within the fibers. Store-bought carpet cleaners offer little cleaning power. Our carpet cleaning service is truck-mounted for maximum extraction, removing ground-in dirt and dust, stains, and restoring a fresh, new look to carpet. Have pets? We also offer additional services such as adding special deodorizers, or our COITGard® stain resistance protective coating to keep your carpets fresh and bright and provide added protection against spills and other potential damage. For carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, our COIT team gets it done right, the first time.

Your home’s air ducts are hidden from view, but the system creates a perfect environment for unwanted bacteria, dirt, and allergens to collect. If you have concerns about the health of your indoor air, our air duct cleaning services include evaluating your indoor air quality. Your entire system can be cleaned and freed from contaminants that could have a negative impact on your health. Breathing clean air during the day and over the sleeping hours is important -- and our team is ready to help. You can trust our team to perform air duct cleaning in Los Angeles thoroughly and expertly.

Area rugs make your home a unique space, but over time, begin to look dull, dirty, and dingy. The dirt and dust, as well as pet hair, dander, and other tiny particles collect deep in the fibers, affecting indoor air quality as well as appearance. Our expert area rug cleaners can revive and restore the fresh, clean look of your area rugs, and utilize correct cleaning process for every fiber. Keeping your area rugs clean and fresh helps to preserve them, as well as increasing the health of your indoor air. For area rug cleaning in Los Angeles, you can trust your valuable rugs to our professional team – we know our business.

Drapes and blinds protect us against the long hot summers in Los Angeles, but they are also prone to collect dust. If your drapes and blinds are looking dirty and dusty, the COIT team can bring them back to a spotless condition, free from accumulated dirt. Not only will your home look bright and fresh, the indoor air quality will be improved. Time to get your drapes or blinds restored and clean with the assistance of the professionals at COIT. For drapery and blind cleaning in Los Angeles, you want a thorough, professional job, and we do it all.

Cleaning your tile and grout by hand is a big job, and rarely achieves the spotless look you envisioned. Tile in bathrooms, floors, and kitchens can be restored to a fresh, clean look with the help of our COIT team. We remove mildew stains, dirt, grease, and other stains, and bring back the shine and clean look that is almost impossible to achieve with store-bought cleaning solutions. Our grout cleaners use a heated solution that was designed for commercial cleaning to blast through dirt and grime. This solution is delivered to your floors, counters, showers, and other tiled areas with our truck mounted system for maximum cleaning power. For tile and grout cleaning in Los Angeles that produces outstanding results, reach out to the COIT team.

Your furniture was a big investment, and when you need your upholstery cleaned, you want to ensure that the job is done right. Our trained and certified team of professional furniture cleaning experts work with even the most difficult fabrics, including silk, suede, velvet, and all other types of upholstery. Nothing keeps your furniture in better condition than having it cleaned correctly. Removing dirt, dust, and stains will bring back a fresh new look, and help maintain a long life for upholstery. We can add deodorizers or COITGard® for ongoing stain resistance for greater protection. Ready for a thorough upholstery cleaning in Los Angeles? Talk to our team of professionals.

If your home has natural stone on countertops, floors, patios, or even walls, keeping it clean can be a big task. We make it easy, and clean all types of stone in the home, including granite, slate, marble, travertine, terrazzo, and all other stone treatments. Bring back the original look of the stone in your home – we do it all. With a combination of compounds, cleaning agents, and grease cutters, our professionals go above and beyond, removing scratches, etches and wear marks. We are trusted for our expertise in granite cleaning and marble cleaning, as well as other types of stone. Depending upon your needs, we can coat the stone areas in your home with special sealant to ward off the effects of moisture, or to enhance the shine. For professional natural stone care in Los Angeles, we do it right.

A large majority of Los Angeles homes have wood floors – they are beautiful, cool, and practical. Even after cleaning wood floors with regular mopping and wax, they will start to lose their luster. Between every seam, tiny particles of dirt and dust collect. Our wood floor cleaning procedure involves special equipment that agitates and loosens ground-in dirt and dust particles in the tiny crevices, and gives your wood floors a fresh, new look without sanding or refinishing. A gloss or satin finish is then applied for a streak-free shine. For wood floor cleaning in Los Angeles done right, our team can help. 

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Customer Reviews

Very pleased
Had my sofa and a chair cleaned and also my drapes. They did an excellent job. My drapes look like new. I couldn't be happier.
COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 05/09/2015
5 / 5 stars
What a difference!
I had the air ducts cleaned and I noticed the difference in air flow immediately. I don't think the ducts of this house had ever been cleaned.
COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 08/14/2015
5 / 5 stars
Great Service
We have used Coit several times in the last year and have been happy with the service. We will continue to use them in the future.
COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 08/10/2016
5 / 5 stars