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5 Steps to Take Care of Your Fireplace


Nothing says winter like curling up in front of a toasty fire with a mug of cider or hot chocolate.  Wood burning fireplaces remain a popular way to heat your home and add ambiance on a cold winter night. But no one likes a smoky room, piles of ash, or the chance of a house fire.  Use proper care to keep your fireplace burning cleanly all winter long.

Just Say No to Steam Mops on Wood Floors: How Steam Cleaners Can Damage Wood Floors

Steam Mop

Steam mops have become quite popular, and for good reason.  Many steam mops do a great job cleaning and sanitizing ceramic and vinyl tile floors.  The idea of getting floors squeaky clean and sanitized with no scrubbing, no soap, no chemicals, and no detergents is very attractive.  However, we CANNOT recommend steam mops for any type of wood floors, even though many steam mops say they are safe for sealed floors.

A Thanksgiving Cleaning Countdown Checklist

Thanksgiving Checklist

Not only does Thanksgiving require hours of cooking, you have to clean the house for guests too! You’ll be too busy to clean every corner, closet, and bedroom.  Plan ahead and tackle big projects first, then focus on cleaning the rooms that your guests are going to see and spend time in.

Two Weeks Ahead: Tackle any organizational tasks or things that will stay relatively clean for 2 weeks

6 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

Clean Kitchen

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How to Get Paint Out of Carpet

How to Get Paint Out of Carpet | COIT

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Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for Families

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for Families | Chicken Burrito Bowl

The kids are back in school, everything’s crazy, and you barely have time to feed yourself.  But you want to eat healthy.  Here are three crowd-pleasing healthy slow cooker recipes for families that will minimize your time-on-task and maximize nutrients for growing bodies.  What does healthy mean for your family?

How to Choose the Best Stain Resistant Carpets

How to Choose best Stain Resistant Carpets | COIT


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Pack a Waste-less Healthy School Lunch

 Waste-less Healthy School Lunch | COIT

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