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How to Get Blood Out of Carpet and Upholstery

Living Room

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Life gets messy sometimes, especially of you have children or pets.  A bloody nose can leave a tough carpet stain.  Treat the bloodstain as quickly as possible, follow these steps, and you should be able to get the stain out.


The 6 Best Cheap Cleaning Solutions


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Cleaning solutions can be pricy.  There is no reason to have an individual cleaner for each room and surface.  With just a few items you likely already have, you can keep you home squeaky clean.  These ingredients are time tested and less toxic then many harsh cleaners

1.) Baking Soda

Clean Out Your Refrigerator in 5 Minutes a Day


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Keeping the refrigerator clean is all about prevention.  Don’t let it get dirty and you won’t have a major cleaning project to tackle.  Each of these tips takes less then a minute a day and will keep the refrigerator clean.

Defeat Dust: 10 Tips for Dusting and Reducing Dust

Dust Bunny

Have you ever dusted, just to find that a few days later the house is dusty again? Dusting is a task that few people enjoy, but seems to need to be done all the time.  While dusting is a task that will need to be done regularly, there are a few habits and activities that will keep a house dust free, longer.

The COIT Guide to Cleaning Floors

Keeping floors clean is the key to floor longevity.  Whether it is tile, carpet, linoleum, wood, stone, or concrete, we’ve got you coved.  Check out our infographic on how to clean floors.

Floor Cleaning Infographic

10 Coolest (Weirdest!) Rugs

We would love to be asked to clean these unique rugs!

Area rugs can range from traditional to outrageous.  They are a great focal point for the room and an unique way to show your quirky side.  Check out our selection of the 10 coolest rugs:

This, apparently, is where the wild things are!  Monster, an art piece by Joshua Ben Longo

Monster: http://www.longoland.com/work/#/monster-skin-rug/

How to Keep Your Room Clean (Tips For Grown-Ups)

how to keep your room clean

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We always think keeping a bedroom clean is a child's chore.  Yet, a child learns more from what they see rather what they hear.  Set an example for the little people in your life (or your partner) by maintaining a clean space to relax. Here are a few tips on how to keep your room clean:

7 Home Remedies for Summer Allergies


7 home remedies for summer allergies

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Work from Home Without Going Nuts

Work from home without going nuts

Whether you work from home, are studying for school, or trying to manage your family budget, working from home can be a challenge.  We’ve amassed some of the best advice to motivate yourself, organize your workspace, and manage your tasks so you can work from home without going nuts.