Does the thought of cleaning your carpets yourself make you cringe? For occasional spots and spills, do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods may be a good at-home solution. 

But when it comes to reviving your carpet’s appearance and removing the toughest of stains, Coit Carpet Cleaning Seattle offers professional services that are customized specifically for what your home needs. Before our technicians begin treating your carpet, we’ll be sure to give your carpet a thorough inspection to assess high traffic areas, as well as any other problem spots. Based on our evaluation, we’ll come up with a treatment that’s tailored to what your carpet needs. We’re careful to follow manufacturer instructions as well, as each type of carpet requires a different approach when it comes to deep cleaning. So what do we actually do once treatment begins? Our team will use a truck-mounted cleaning system to remove everything from dust and dirt to pet stains and odor.

  • Smoke, cooking oil, bacteria, and dust mites all collect in your carpets damaging the fibers, and some shampoos and detergents might cause further damage. Only deep, professional carpet cleaning by certified technicians can preserve the life and beauty of your investment.
  • COIT uses the most advanced, truck-mounted carpet cleaning system which gently removes even the most ground-in dirt, odors, and stubborn stains leaving your carpet looking luxurious and smelling fresh.
  • Our fully trained and certified technicians will inspect any problem areas with heavy foot-traffic, pet stains and odor, and decide on the most appropriate method of cleaning for your carpet.
  • After applying a non-toxic emulsifier, we use our specially-engineered, truck-mounted vacuum system to extract loosened dirt and soils.
  • Our technicians can also apply special treatments such as deodorizers or our exclusively-formulated CoitGard™ - a protective coating that resists soil and prevents staining and extends your carpet cleaning service.


Give Your Carpet Professional, Specialized Treatment

Coit Carpet cleaning services subscribes to the IICRC methods, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning. The IICRC recommends that regular cleaning and vacuuming at home can keep your carpets in good shape – when combined with “periodic visits from an experienced professional.” Coit Carpet Cleaning Seattle can provide those periodic visits, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. According to the IICRC, “carpet serves as a ‘sink’ or collection point for everything that is tracked in or settles out of the air.” That’s why it’s a wise and healthy investment to consider professional carpet cleaning services to remove all of the allergens, dust mites and dirt that’s collected over time.

Seattle Carpet Cleaning: Why Choose Coit?

When you’ve got a choice of who to select for Seattle carpet cleaning in your home, consider calling Coit. Boasting 60 years of committed service to people all over the US, Canada and Thailand, Coit understands that cleaning your carpet is more than just for looks; a clean carpet means a healthier home. Because our technicians use equipment that is able to reach deeply into the hidden fibers in your carpet, any dust and allergen buildup will be swept away during our deep cleaning process. As a result of investing in professional services with Coit, you’ll breathe in healthier, cleaner air on a daily basis. Another good reason to trust Coit to revive and refresh your carpets? We follow manufacturer instructions. We’ll be sure to stick to any warranty requirements when we’re performing any deep cleaning treatments. If you have particular high traffic areas in your home that you’d like to us to focus on, we can spend more time extracting tough stains in the areas that need it most.

If your carpet is due for a deep clean, call Coit Carpet Cleaning Seattle to take the first step toward a cleaner, healthier home.


Great Job


Josh Whitis showed up on time, he was very professional and went out of his way to show me how he was cleaning the carpet and gave me knowledge about future spots. Long time spots were faded and carpet smelt clean. 

COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 09/28/2012
5 / 5 stars