Cleaning wood floors can seem like a big job when you’re dealing with regular household cleaning equipment. No matter how hard you steam, scrub or polish, it seems like an endless task that leaves your floor with scuffs and scratches – and not enough shine! COIT wood floor cleaning Santa Fe can do the hard work for you – and produce results - using our professional wood floor cleaner equipment and techniques.

By utilizing the best and strongest professional cleaning equipment in the industry, our team of COIT technicians can turn even the dirtiest wood floors into floors that sparkle and shine. The secret is that these machines are able to penetrate deep within your home’s floor boards, going way beyond surface-level household scrubbing.

We also have expertise and experience cleaning laminate wood floors if that’s a service you need.

COIT Santa Fe Deep Cleans, Restores and Polishes So You Don’t Have to Bother

  • COIT Santa Fe’s wood floor care specialists will use a five-step cleaning process to dig deep below the floor boards; what results are wood floors that not only look great, but feel great on your feet.
  • If you’re missing that original shine your wood floors used to show, have no fear – with even one professional deep cleaning, COIT can bring back your floor’s original luster.
  • Depending upon which look you prefer, our wood floor care technicians can apply either a high gloss or satin finish – just let us know!
  • Instead of paying a good chunk of change to replace worn down and damaged wood floors, why not invest in regular maintenance every 24 months to keep them in good shape?

COIT Follows Advice that the IICRC Gives to Professional Cleaning Companies

COIT Santa Fe is able to keep your wood floors in good shape by following the trusted advice dispensed by the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

As a global non-profit in the professional cleaning industry, the IICRC acts as trusted third party that makes sure professional companies like COIT are on top of their game when serving customers like you. By continuously raising the bar for what are considered wood floor cleaning best practices, the IICRC keeps the best interest of the customer in mind, while educating professional service providers.

If You’re Unsure about Your Investment, Rest Easy with Our Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to following the educational lead of the IICRC, COIT Santa Fe also leads the way with the industry’s best 100% satisfaction guarantee

This means exactly what it sounds like – if you’re not 100% satisfied with the appearance and condition of your wood floors following a deep cleaning, we’ll do the following:

  • Reclean – we’re happy to clean your wood floors a second time if you notice any areas that need some extra attention.
  • Refund – if our recleaning doesn’t leave you satisfied, please let us know so we can refund the cost of the service.
  • Repair – we’ll always take full responsibility for the repairs if any items are damaged while we’re cleaning your wood floors.
  • Rectify – if the items aren’t fixable, we’ll be happy to pay for the cost of a replacement item that you can purchase.

Make the call today at 505-273-7567 to set up an appointment for a free inspection and estimate.