Have your wood floors seen better days? 

When dirt, dust, scratches and general wear and tear starts to appear on the surface of your wood floors, you may start to wonder how long they’ll stay in good condition. 

With some assistance from COIT wood floor cleaning Omaha, you won’t have to wonder – by scheduling just one cleaning session every 24 months, you can improve the condition and appearance of your wood floors, which will help them last even longer.

What to Expect While COIT is Professionally Cleaning Wood Floors

Step 1: We’ll remove surface debris to prepare your floors for deep cleaning.

Step 2: Our technicians will then scrub your wood floors using powerful equipment; this equipment features a cylindrical motion that digs deep below the surface to lift engrained dirt right out.

Step 3: Next, we’ll hand-clean the tough-to-reach corners, using a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt.

Step 4: Following this hand-cleaning, we’ll perform a repeat of step 2 to ensure we haven’t left any dirt behind.

Step 5: Finally, we’ll apply a top coat that will leave your wood floors shining in all their glory; this top coat can be a satin or gloss finish – it’s your choice!

COIT Wood Floor Cleaning Omaha: Experience the Benefits

  • After one deep cleaning, your wood floors will be restored to their original condition.
  • By digging deep below the surface, we can bring back the original luster they had when they were first installed.
  • If you like satin finishes or high gloss finishes, you can take your pick, as both are available.
  • By investing in periodic professional wood floor cleanings, you can keep your wood floors in great condition; this will prove to be a more cost effective investment than replacing them.

Why Else Should You Choose COIT’s Floor Cleaning Service?

For over 64 years, COIT has provided this cost effective wood floor cleaning service to customers around the world. 

As a trusted professional wood floor care company, we differentiate ourselves from other cleaning companies by providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So what does this guarantee look like when you work with us?

Out guarantee comes in the form of these 4 Rs:

Reclean, Refund, Repair, Rectify

  • If you are not totally thrilled with the way your wood floors look after our service is complete, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll gladly reclean your wood floors right away, at no cost to you.

  • After this second round of cleaning is complete, should you have any issues with the results, we’ll go ahead and refund the cost of the service.

  • If we incur any accidental damages while we’re performing our wood floor cleaning service, we promise to repair the items right away.

  • And lastly, should we accidentally break anything in your home while we’re cleaning your floors, we’ll rectify the problem by giving you a full cash credit that you can use to purchase a brand new replacement. 

How does that sound?

Call COIT today at 402-342-2648 to learn more about what working with a quality wood floor cleaner is like – and get those clean and shiny wood floors back!

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