From historic downtown, to quaint shop and flea markets, you can definitely get your fill of shopping in Stockton. But when you're ready to rest your wallet and relax on the couch, you'll want to come home to clean furniture, right? With COIT upholstery cleaning Stockton, you can do just that. Our team will inspect your upholstery to come up with a custom cleaning plan; our technicians will then use powerful stain-removing equipment to not only remove surface stains, but also extract invisible bacteria that's hiding just beneath.

  • Our fully trained and certified technicians have experience in cleaning even the most difficult fabrics to clean such as silk, suede, and velvet.
  • Using state of the art technology, COIT can clean and condition all of your upholstered furniture, ridding them of all contaminants and odors – while making sure to preserve the quality and beauty of your investment.
  • After applying a non-toxic emulsifier to loosen dirt, we use our specially engineered, truck-mounted vacuum system to thoroughly clean the fabric of the upholstery.
  • Need some extra protection for your family’s favorite chair?  Ask about COIT’s special treatments such as deodorizers, or our exclusively formulated CoitGard™ - a protective coating that resists soil to keep your furniture fragrant and safe from future staining.