Tile and grout can look great when it’s clean, but it can look not-so-great when it’s covered in accumulated dirt and grime, right?  We tell ourselves that any day now, we’ll spend a few hours scrubbing on our hands and knees to bring it back to life; however, when we do get the chance to dig in using household cleaners , stubborn stains seem to want to stick around.

Why not skip that painful process and call Coit tile and grout cleaning Naples instead? If you hire us to revive your tile and grout, we’ll use a specialized heated solution, along with a powerful, industrial-strength vacuum and a high-pressure rinse to blast away stains.

Coit Tile and Grout Cleaning Naples Offers the Following Benefits

  • If you’re tired of scrubbing your tile and grout for countless hours on your hands and knees, Coit grout cleaners can take over and perform in depth, professional cleaning for you.
  • When you hire Coit grout cleaning Naples, you can expect that we’ll get rid of stubborn mildew, bacteria and mold that builds up over time and contaminates your tile and grout.
  • From bathrooms to kitchens to patios, our professional tile and grout cleaning technicians can treat any surface in your home to extract stains and dirt.
  • By investing in tile and grout cleaning services every 12 months, you can avoid having to replace worn down, dirty, damaged tile and grout; professional cleaning helps maintain and lengthen tile and grout life.
  • If you’re ready for a whole new look for your home’s tile and grout, ask our technicians about COITColorSeal a fast and effective way to change or freshen up the color of your grout lines.

Coit Tile Restoration Naples Uses Deep Cleaning Procedures Backed by the IICRC

Whether we’re switching up the color of your grout lines or digging deep into the surface of your tile to remove stubborn stains and bacteria, we’ll keep our commitment to 100% satisfaction by following the guidance of the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

The IICRC has offices in the US, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK. As a non-profit organization, the IICRC works tirelessly to remain a well-respected industry voice and resource within the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. 

With relation to tile and grout cleaning procedures, Coit Naples follows the lead of this organization to ensure we’re using equipment and cleaning procedures that is deemed the most effective.

Rest Assured You’ll Get Your Money’s Worth with Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If our equipment and cleaning procedures don’t produce results that leave you thrilled with what you see, please let us know. We are committed to upholding our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which includes the 4 Rs:

  • Reclean – if your tile and grout lines aren’t bright and shiny when we’re through with our intensive treatment, we’d be happy to reclean them for you until you’re 100% happy with what you see.
  • Refund – if the recleaning isn’t up to par, we’ll give you a complete and total refund so you won’t have to pay a cent.
  • Repair – if by chance one of our Coit technicians should accidentally cause damage to an item in your home, we’ll handle all costs and services associated with repairing it.
  • Rectify – if repairing isn’t a possibility you’d like us to pursue, we’ll happily present you with an equivalent cash credit to ensure you’re able to purchase a replacement.

Call Coit Naples today to speak to a representative and set up an appointment that works best for you.

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