While tile floors can be beautiful and functional, it can also be difficult to keep grout clean with tile floors.  Kitchen floors take a lot of abuse from splattering cooking grease, over bubbling sauces, wine spills, muddy shoes, pets, and children.  Bathrooms can be just as challenging to keep clean; dirt, grime, soap scum, mold, and mildew can build up until it seems impossible to get tile and grout clean again.  Cleaning grout be both challenging and exhausting.  It often seems like the only way to get tile and grout really clean is by scrubbing on hands and knees for hours at a time.  There has to be a better way to keep tile floors and bathrooms clean without exhausting yourself.

COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Denver is here to rescue you from slaving away on your hands and knees.  When you call us, we will gather some information like: which areas are being cleaned and the approximate size of the rooms/areas to be cleaned (rough estimates are fine). We’ll schedule a time convenient for you for us to come inspect the tile and determine the materials and stain level.  COIT Denver will provide you with an exact quote so you’ll know exactly how much it will cost before we begin. If we are able, and it is convenient for you, we can clean your tile and grout that day! Our team members will carefully move your furniture out of the room if it is on the floor that needs to be cleaned.  We’ll make sure to protect your home’s walls and cabinetry as well. Next, COIT Denver technicians will vacuum the tile with a powerful commercial vacuum to remove all loose dirt and debris. Our team members will use powerful, yet safe and effective tile and grout cleaners to remove build-up, scrub away dirt, and get grout lines truly clean.  We provide the tile restoration Denver residents rave about!

Benefits of getting your tile and grout cleaned by COIT Denver:

  • No need to scrub grout on your hands and knees- we will wash and scrub with a high-pressure water and vacuum combination 
  • COIT Denver tile cleaning can save you money- by cleaning your tile instead of you having to replace it. 
  • Grout cleaning gets rid of health hazards like mold, mildew, and dirt
  • COIT tile cleaning is effective on any tile, indoors or outdoors, kitchen, bathrooms, anywhere!

The technicians at COIT Denver will make your grout look new again with COIT ColorSeal. After the tile and grout are clean, our team members will apply a sealant to guard against future stains and keep your tile cleaner for longer.  COIT Color Seal makes your grout 100% non-porous; dust remains on the surface instead of being absorbed into grout pores. Color sealers can give you a whole new grout color or restore grout back to its original color.

COIT Denver- IICRC Certified for Tile and Grout Cleaning

COIT Denver is IICRC accredited and follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) methods and recommendations for tile and grout cleaning. The IICRC is an independent, non-profit, organization that works to develop international best practices on cleaning and restoration services. 

COIT Denver offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We have the highest standards and are committed providing the grout cleaning Denver residents can depend on.  COIT Cleaning and Restoration has the experience because we been in business since 1950.  We want to help you keep your house sparklingly clean!  Because we want you to be satisfied with our services, we offer a guarantee.  You’ll be very happy with our services or: 

  • we’ll make it right by RE-CLEANING your home’s tile and grout.  If you are not happy after the second tile and grout cleaning, COIT Denver will:
  • REFUND the money you paid for the tile and grout cleaning service.  If our technicians caused any damage while performing the cleaning COIT Denver will:
  • REPAIR any and all damages with no expense to you. If the damages cannot be repaired, COIT Denver will:
  • RECTIFY the situation by crediting you with the present actual cash value* toward a future COIT Denver cleaning or restoration service upon payment for the original tile and grout cleaning services.

We also offer tile and grout cleaning services in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins

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