"I couldn't believe that there was that much dust and dirt in my air ducts! Thanks to COIT, my daughter and I are both breathing easier!"

Maryann Mason

"We thought we would have to have our floors re-sanded, they were really dirty. COIT made our floors look beautiful, it's been years since they looked this good."

Erin Holway

"The granite was covered in water stains and a film. COIT got our granite and tile & grout in our shower looking like new!"

Joan Enella

"It's amazing what two kids can do to a carpet... spills & spots everywhere! I had no idea it could get this clean. COIT has made it sparkle like new!"

Andrea Faria

"We had huge spots on our carpet. Our five-year-old spills everything! Now no more worries! COIT got out all the spots and our carpet looks brand new. You can have kids AND a clean carpet!"

Tim Hirota

"With a son, a cat, and a husband, this is a very heavily-trafficked area. COIT was a dream come true, my carpet looks new!"

Karyl Sutton

"COIT gets even the impossible clean." "COIT brought our carpet and drapery back to its original appearance as if it's new."

Bobbi & Dan Baumgarten, Floral Designers

"We're all looking for somebody we can trust. My mom recommended COIT." "I trusted my mom's recommendation because she always steers me in the right direction."

Carrie Wills, Archeologist

"I want to make sure my carpets, sofa and drapes are clean for my two sons, so I use COIT."

Laura Anognostopoulos, Student

"COIT can clean everything beautifully." "I've used COIT for 15 years and always recommend them to my friends."

Mari Walker, Registered Nurse

"I've been a real COIT customer for over 20 years. They do a great job." "COIT cleans everything for me: my carpets, drapery, sofas and air ducts."

Mary Splane, Hospital Volunteer

"I wouldn't trust my rugs to anyone but COIT." "COIT really does a great job. My rugs look so much brighter and more beautiful."

Robbie Godfrey, School Teacher

"Two children under 3 years old. My daughter, Ella, who just throws milk everywhere and my son the dirt devil. It's very important for me to have my carpets and my couches cleaned with all the nitty gritty out of it." "Coit did a phenomenal job. They did a really, really good job and I loved it. I loved the experience and I loved the price

Cynthia Warrender, Event Planner

"I usually wait for Coit to advertise a discount..and they'll do the drapes, they'll do the carpet and they'll do the upholstery. You can not beat that deal. I've tried other cleaning services but I've come running back to Coit. I'm never disappointed with the quality of work they do."

Debbie Ghiglieri, Operations Manager

"Buying new tile would have been a huge expense so we were very pleased that Coit was able to clean it so well. We saved several thousand dollars."

Joan Storman, Educator