How many times have you looked at your home’s natural stone surfaces and thought they looked pretty clean? They may not appear as shiny as they did when you first saw them, but if they look clean, they are clean, right? Not necessarily. Oil and wax can build up on the surface over time, despite your best efforts to wipe them down, and microscopic contaminants most definitely find a way below the surface. That’s where COIT stone cleaning Santa Rosa will step in to remove them for you.

Household stone cleaners may take a layer of dirt off the top, but only a professional cleaning company like COIT can use powerful commercial grade equipment to really dig in and extract all of the buildup within your granite, slate, travertine, marble, terrazzo or any other type that may be in your home.

Using a five-step cleaning process that involves preparation, pre-sealing, honing, polishing and sealing, your natural stone will be clean and healthy.

Save Your Home’s Natural Stone Surfaces – Call COIT Stone Cleaning Santa Rosa

  • From granite cleaning to marble cleaning to any kind of natural stone, our Santa Rosa technicians are professionally trained to remove oil and wax using powerful cleaning equipment.
  • If you hire us to clean your natural stone every 24 months (the recommended frequency for professional cleanings) we’ll use high-quality diamond pads to hone and polish the surface, while simultaneously removing any scratches and restoring damaged areas.
  • Thanks to a topical sealer that we’ll finish our treatment with, your natural stone will be less likely to deteriorate after exposure to contaminants between cleanings.
  • We’ll clean the stone in your kitchen, in your outdoor spaces, in your bathrooms – wherever!
  • If there is broken or cracked stone in your home, please let us know so we can pay special attention to fixing these areas for you in addition to deep cleaning.
  • We’ll clean all types of stone, as we’re trained to treat every kind of stone surface.

As Professional Natural Stone Cleaners, We Take Hands-On Training Courses

Whether we’re cleaning granite countertops in your home or repairing any kind of stone surface you may have, we can promise you our approach is based on industry best practices as recommended by the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This non-profit educates professional cleaning technicians through hands-on courses and certification exams to ensure their skills are current and drive results. 

Your Investment in Our Services is Risk-Free with our Money Back Guarantee

Results is the name of the game when we clean your natural stone surfaces! And if you don’t think we’re delivering the results you would expect, let us know.

  • We’ll reclean any parts of the natural stone that don’t meet your expectations.
  • We’ll refund your money if the second round of cleaning doesn’t fix your concerns.
  • We’ll repair any item if it happens to get accidentally damaged during our treatment.
  • We’ll rectify any issues with repair by issuing you a cash credit.

So instead of hopelessly wondering how to clean granite countertops effectively using household cleaning products, why not give COIT Santa Rosa a call and let us do it for you?

We also offer stone cleaning services in Petaluma and Rohnert Park

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Date published: 11/24/2015
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