Do you ever wonder how to clean granite countertops so they actually appear new again? Or perhaps you have travertine, Saltillo, marble or another type of stone surface in your home that needs a refresh. Instead of endlessly wiping and scrubbing dirty and damaged stone, why not hire the trained professionals at COIT stone cleaning Sacramento to do it for you?

We can promise you this: our in depth, 5-step cleaning treatment is much more powerful and effective than any over-the-counter stone cleaner you can purchase. 

Here’s what we’ll do for your stone surfaces:

  • Prepare
  • Pre-seal
  • Hone
  • Polish
  • Seal

With each step, we’ll use the stone cleaning industry’s most powerful equipment to extract dirt, grease, stains and other microscopic bacteria from deep within to restore its shine.

COIT Stone Cleaning Sacramento Restores and Revives Your Stone Surfaces

  • When we’re cleaning granite countertops, our professional-grade equipment is designed to get rid of oil and wax build up that makes your stone surfaces appear dull over time.
  • Using diamond pads, our COIT technicians will hone, polish and restore your natural stone; we’ll also repair any damaged areas in addition to this detailed granite cleaning.
  • Every time we clean your stone surfaces (we recommend once every 24 months) we’ll apply a sealer on the surface to guard against future contamination and damage.
  • From kitchens to bathrooms to outdoor patios, our Sacramento team can effectively perform the highest quality marble cleaning, or any other type of stone cleaning.
  • If your stone is broken or cracked in any way, COIT experts can also perform various types of repairs.
  • Whether you need Saltillo, granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, slate or any other type of stone treated, we love to help customers like you.

Our Sacramento Team of Natural Stone Cleaners is IICRC Certified 

And the IICRC loves to help us help our customers! This non-profit organization, also known as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, trains and certifies professional cleaning technicians in over 25 countries – including the technicians who make up the COIT Sacramento team. This means when you hire COIT, you’re hiring experts who have taken hands-on training courses and passed related certification exams to validate their skills.

Don’t Expect Anything Less than 100% Satisfaction – that’s Our COIT Promise!

Just like we validate our skills through working with the IICRC, we also validate our ability to please customers through our commitment to upholding a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Feeling like your stone surfaces could look a bit better after our cleaning is complete? Please do let us know right away so we can reclean them for free.
  • Not super happy with the results of the free additional round of cleaning? Let us offer you a full refund.
  • Worried about who will fix any damage if an item is accidentally broken while we work? COIT Sacramento will take full responsibility for any repairs.
  • Wondering what we’ll do to resolve things if the item is beyond repair? We’ll rectify the issue by giving you a cash credit that’s equal to the item’s value.

Get your stone surfaces back to looking like they’re healthy and new again. Call COIT Sacramento today to make an appointment and get a free cost estimate.

We also offer natural stone cleaning services in Roseville and Davis


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Great Job, Looks Like New!

The COIT service guy who came over was very helpful and professional. Exceeded our expectations. Thank you.

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Date published: 01/30/2018
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