Natural stones countertops and tiles remain a popular choice. The natural beauty of stone such as marble, granite, and quartz makes a home shine.  COIT Louisville team members care for solid stone countertops and natural stone tiles with skill and care.  Whether your travertine tiles need care, or you are looking for marble cleaning on a bathroom vanity, the cleaners at COIT Louisville have the expertise you are looking for.

Though many types of stone such as granite are durable and scratch and stain resistant, stone will eventually need some intensive care. COIT Louisville uses an effective stone cleaning process to safely give your stone the care it requires to look beautiful.  

Call COIT Louisville and our team members will do a detailed in-home inspection of your stone surfaces and give you a free estimate.  

What are the Benefits of COIT Louisville Natural Stone Cleaning?

  • No more dull stone: cleaning strips away the accumulated oils and waxes that dull stone
  • COIT Louisville technicians hone and polish your stone with diamond pads 
  • You stone will be protected against future stains with our stone sealers
  • Restore stone in any part of your home: kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, anywhere indoors or outdoors 
  • Yikes! Is your stone cracked or broken? We can repair it 
  • COIT Stone Cleaning Louisville cleans natural stone including: quartzite, marble, limestone, granite, slate, travertine, and soapstone
  • We work on stone tiles and grout as well as solid stone surfaces

Here are our tips for caring for your natural stone: 

  • Clean up any spills right away, especially if they are acidic like mustard or salad dressing
  • Knives on the countertops are a no non: use cutting boards instead
  • Be careful with your cleaning detergents! It is best to use the recommended stone cleaner

COIT Louisville uses IICRC Best Practices for Natural Stone Cleaning 

The team at COIT Louisville is dedicated to performing the stone cleaning Louisville residents trust.  COIT Louisville follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) methods natural stone restoration and care. The IICRC is an independent, third party, internationally renowned organization. 

Why Choose COIT Louisville Natural Stone Cleaning?

No stone cleaning job is too big or small for our expert team.  Whether looking for quartz or granite cleaning or marble honing, Louisville homeowners call on COIT first!  

At COIT Louisville, our first priority is your satisfaction, so we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our team is so dedicated to your satisfaction that if you are not happy with our work cleaning your natural stone, we'll make it right by:

  • Please take a close look your stone; we are confident you will love it! If not COIT Louisville will perform a through RE-CLEANING so that the natural stone surfaces are gleaming and beautiful.  In the unlikely event the second stone cleaning is not enough, COIT Louisville will:
  • Give you a complete REFUND of the fee you paid original services because we believe in our excellent work.
  • You can depend on COIT Louisville to work carefully in your house. On the small chance that something breaks, COIT Louisville will REPAIR the damaged items immediately. 
  • If anything that was damaged cannot be fixed, the honest people at COIT Louisville will RECTIFY the unfortunate occurrence by crediting you a future COIT Louisville service for the amount of item's present actual cash value* when you pay for the your natural stone cleaning.

We also offer natural stone cleaning in Lexington and Elizabethtown!

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