Do you find it difficult to keep your home’s stone surfaces clean? Do you wish that layer of film on the top of your granite, marble, travertine, Saltillo or other type of surface felt cleaner and smoother? If you’re wondering how to clean granite countertops in a way that actually gets them clean and keeps them clean for longer, call upon Coit stone cleaning Houston.

From cleaning granite countertops to marble bathrooms and more, our Houston technicians have seen it all. We specialize in deep cleaning all types of stone using commercial-grade equipment that’s powerful enough to strip away even the toughest build-up.

Step one of five will begin following a detailed inspection which allows us to get an accurate view of the type of stone, its current condition and any troublesome areas that need extra attention. If these spots include any sort of extensive damage, we are also well equipped to perform repairs, in addition to in depth cleaning. Once the assessment is complete and we’ve drawn up a written cost estimate that you’ve approved, we’ll begin using a detailed, intense 5-step process that involves preparation, pre-sealing, honing, polishing and sealing your stone surfaces. 

Coit Stone Cleaning Houston is Available to Perform the Following Services

  • Our professional technicians will use the industry’s most powerful equipment to get rid of oil and wax that take away the natural beauty of stone surfaces; we recommend a professional cleaning at least once every 24 months to improve and maintain its condition.
  • We will always hone and polish your home’s natural stone as well; you can say goodbye to stone surfaces that are scratched or damaged, as Coit’s powerful equipment will get rid of surface marks and make surfaces look brand new again.
  • Thanks to sealers we’ll apply directly onto your home’s stone, even one deep cleaning treatment can act as a shield against contamination and deterioration in the future.
  • Whether you have stone surfaces located in outdoor or indoor spaces, Coit’s Houston team can perform our deep cleaning services - bathrooms, kitchens and more.
  • If your home has broken or cracked stone that you’d like us to repair, no problem!
  • We can treat all kinds of stone, whether it be Saltillo, granite, marble, terrazzo and more.

Our Team of Professional Natural Stone Cleaners is Certified by the IICRC

In addition to the above mentioned services that come with every single stone cleaning service Coit Houston performs, it’s important to note that Coit Houston sets itself apart from other companies by investing in IICRC training. 

The IICRC – or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification – is an organization that provides coaching and support for professional cleaning companies who want to effectively use the latest and greatest professional cleaning procedures. Our Houston technician enroll in hands-on training courses then study for related certification exams to test and validate their knowledge when it comes to cleaning your stone surfaces.

From Marble Cleaning to Granite Cleaning & More, We Guarantee Satisfaction

This knowledge of stone cleaning best practices extends beyond the actual procedure to knowledge about what customers like you want: results! And Coit Houston guarantees results, every single time, in writing.

Reclean, Refund, Repair, Rectify 

If you don’t like the way your stone surfaces look, we’ll reclean them for you right away. If the recleaning isn’t leaving you completely satisfied with your investment in our services, we’ll go ahead and issue you a full refund.

Should anything be accidentally damaged or broken while our Houston technicians work in your home, we’ll handle all repairs to make things right. And if repair isn’t possible, we will step up to the plate by offering you a cash credit that you can use to purchase a replacement item.

Is today the day you’ll look around and see clean, sparkling, healthy stone surfaces in your home? If so, give Coit Houston a call today to make an appointment for a free cost estimate.

We also offer natural stone cleaning services in Spring and Katy

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