What’s the best way to care for the natural stone surfaces in your home? Whether the stone is in your bathroom, on your counters, within your floors or anywhere else in your home, over time, dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants seep into the stone and dull its natural shine. Using a household product can clean the surface; however, COIT stone cleaning Fort Lauderdale can clean it even more effectively.

Our technicians are highly skilled at cleaning granite countertops, removing damages and polishing all kinds of stone around your home. Not only will your stone look better when we’re finished deep cleaning it; it will last longer over time as a result, saving you money in the long run.

COIT Stone Cleaning Fort Lauderdale Has Years of Professional Expertise

  • We’ll remove oil and wax that builds up on all stone surfaces; if these layers of buildup aren’t eliminated, your stone surfaces will never shine as brightly as they’re meant to shine!
  • Our expert team of Fort Lauderdale technicians will also hone and polish your stone, simultaneously removing scratches using high quality diamond pads and powerful cleaning equipment.
  • The protective sealers we’ll apply on the surface of the stone will protect it from future stains and deterioration that naturally happens over time.
  • Should you need us to clean natural stone surfaces in your bathrooms, kitchen or outdoor space, we’re happy to do so – we can clean stone in any part of your home and deliver exceptional results.
  • When it comes to getting rid of damages, our Fort Lauderdale team is highly trained and can definitely repair it for you.
  • If you’re wondering how to clean granite countertops in a way that penetrates deep below the surface, COIT can show you exactly how we do it; furthermore, we’ll also effectively treat Saltillo, marble, slate, terrazzo, travertine and more.

Our Natural Stone Cleaners Are Carefully Trained and Certified by the IICRC

No matter which type of stone you’ve got in your home, COIT Fort Lauderdale will treat it the way the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends. The IICRC advises professional cleaning companies like COIT through hands-on training programs. Our technicians complete these courses and pass certification exams to ensure their knowledge of stone cleaning is the best it can be. 

From Granite Cleaning to Marble Cleaning & More, COIT Delivers Results

And we ensure our results are the best they can be by sticking to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which we provide for each and every one of our customers.

Reclean, Refund, Repair, Rectify

We’ll reclean your natural stone if you’re not thrilled with the result. And we’ll refund your money if the additional round of free cleaning doesn’t eliminate your concerns.

Furthermore, we’ll take full responsibility for repairs if any item in your home is accidentally damaged while we work. And we’ll rectify any obstacles with repairs by giving you a cash credit to purchase a new item, if necessary.

Invest in the best way to clean your stone surfaces, improve and maintain their condition. Call COIT Fort Lauderdale and speak to one of our helpful representatives today!

We also offer natural stone cleaning services in Miami and South Florida


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Date published: 12/13/2015
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