Marble and granite countertop can be found on many homeowners’ wish lists.  In addition to being beautiful, natural stone countertops can last for decades when properly cared for. But with the very best of intentions and the most careful housekeeping, any natural stone can be accidentally stained, scratched, or etched. Even countertops in bathrooms are susceptible to unexpected stains and etching due to unpredictably acidic or chelating hygiene products.  If you have recently bought or inherited a neglected home, the natural stone might be in even worse shape. Don’t give up, COIT Charlotte can make your dull, strained, or worn natural stone and make it once beautiful and gleaming again. COIT Natural Stone Care Charlotte prepares, pre-seals, hones, polishes, and seals stone surfaces. It is time to schedule a cleaning for your granite, quartz, or marble countertops and floors. 

The cleaning team at COIT Charlotte can expertly clean, restore, and care for your most beautiful solid stone countertops, natural stone tile floors, and other types of natural stone inside and outside. From granite and marble cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms to restoring dirty travertine tiles outside, the expert cleaners at COIT are best choice when you need natural stone professionals. Our team members have skills and experience with all types of stone and are fantastic at restoring and cleaning granite countertops.

Call COIT Charlotte and our friendly team will find a convenient time for you to have an in-home inspection of your stone with a free estimate on natural stone cleaning.  

Benefits of COIT Charlotte’s Natural Stone Cleaning Services

  • Dirt, waxes, grime, and oils to dull stone; brighten your stone by stripping away the unwanted build up
  • COIT Charlotte hones with diamond pads to polish your home’s stone countertops and floors
  • COIT Charlotte offers optional stone sealers to protect your stone from possible future stains 
  • The COIT stone restoration process is effective for indoor and outdoor locations and floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and showers 
  • COIT Charlotte offers optional repair services for cracked and broken surfaces 
  • Granite, marble, slate, soapstone, quartzite, limestone, slate, COIT Stone Cleaning Charlotte cleans any type of stone!
  • We clean grout and tile 

COIT Charlotte’s favorite natural stone tips! 

  • Dust regularly as dust can be abrasive
  • Clean surfaces after cooking to avoid buildup from grease splatters
  • Acid is corrosive to many stone types! Be careful with wine, salad dressing, mustard, salsa, and other types of acidic foods
  • Always use a cutting board to avoid knife scratches
  • Trivets and coasters will keep scratches away
  • Clean with the manufacture’s recommended natural stone cleaners. 

COIT Charlotte is Accredited by the IICRC’s for Natural Stone Cleaning 

The cleaning experts at COIT Charlotte do the stone cleaning Charlotte residents trust with their precious stone.  COIT Charlotte follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) methods for natural stone so you can trust that your home’s natural stone will be effectively cleaned without damaging the stone. The IICRC is an independent third party organization that sets standards for natural stone cleaning worldwide.

Why Choose COIT Charlotte Natural Stone Cleaning?

We will get the job done right on all jobs from slate tile cleaning, granite cleaning, or marble honing. Charlotte homeowners trust the friendly cleaners at COIT for their valuable natural stone.  

The COIT Charlotte offers 100% satisfaction Guarantee:

  • We’ll do a RE-CLEANING on the natural stone if you are unhappy with the initial cleaning.
  • We’ll offer a REFUND if the second cleaning is unacceptable.  
  • If anything becomes broken or damaged, COIT will REPAIR it. 
  • That won’t work? COIT Charlotte will RECTIFY the problem by giving you a credit you for a future COIT Charlotte service for the amount of item's present actual cash value* after payment for the original natural stone cleaning service.

Call COIT now at 803-548-7862 to schedule your appointment or to get more information on natural stone cleaning service.

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