If you're looking at your granite countertops and not looking forward to deep cleaning them yourself, perhaps it's time to get some help. The team at COIT stone cleaning Brentwood uses the best equipment available to dig deep below the surface of your stone surfaces to bring them back to life. Using an intensive 5-step process that involves cleaning, honing, polishing and more, our technicians will remove dirt and revitalize your countertops.

We also serve Nashville, Franklin, Hendersonville, Gallatin and Murfreesboro.

  • COIT, with its 60 years of cleaning experience, is an expert in treating floor, kitchen or bathroom surfaces, countertops, patios, walls - wherever natural stone is used.
  • Whether it is granite, marble, slate, travertine, terrazzo, saltillo, or any other natural stone surface, COIT promises to apply the most appropriate cleaning method to clean, restore and refinish your natural stone surfaces.
  • Our highly-skilled technicians use a specialized combination of compounds, cleaning agents and grease cutters to remove scratches, etches, and wear marks.
  • After cleaning, one or more coats of special sealant are applied to protect against moisture and future staining and specialized enhancers may be added to improve the look of the stone.